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  1. I still live with my parents, and they're kinda ignorant, thats how I'm getting away with this. I'm growing in a cabinet in my room, every thing is fine except my lights. I just planted them and they just started to sproute. I have an 8 watt fluro. in there, I know 8 watts isn't the ideal amount, but I'm not looking to produce anything amazing, just a small hobby with a fun pay off. my question is... is this gonna be enough light to produce anything?
  2. i highly doubt it (highly... get it boy, that was a joke (You know like the Rooster on the Looney Toons?))

    im high
  3. get $50 ansd head out to your local home depot and get a 75 watt HPS security light that should be enough for 2-6 plants depending on grow meathod. or you can buy 1100 lumen compact floros for $8 each but your better off with the 1 HPS then a gang of compact floros.
  4. K... I'm gonna exchange the fluro for an HPS. The one I saw there was $50 and all I had on me was $50 so I couldn't afford it at the time with the tax included, I haven't even opened the box for the fluro. Is the HPS gonna give off a lot of heat?
  5. the ballast gives off most of the heat so you can just relocate it to the box where your fan is. the bulb heat is low with that small of a bulb.
  6. OHH GRRRRRR im so angry rite now!! if i knew they sold 50$ HPS lights at Home Depot i would have never gone with the Floro set-up i have now.. grrr i thought they were like 250 bucks. i spent about 150 on my set-up... would it be OK, now that im flowring and im in almost my 3rd week, to go ahead and get that 50$ HPS light and switch it with the floro? would it make my plant go into Vegging stage? it has buds on it but there not to big, i want bigger buds be 4 its to late...
  7. oh yea, what is the name of this Light? what kinda box is it in? im not trying to go to home depot and ask somone who works there, where i can find a HPS secutiry light... ya knowwwww
  8. It's made by "Lights of America." On the side of the box, it'll say that it lights up to 900 sq. ft. the HD I went to only had 2 different kind of HPS lights, I got the $50 one, the other one was $67. The problem I'm having though is that it doesn't just plug into a wall socket; it has to be hard wired into a wall. I'm trying to figure out how to get around that, if any one knows what I can do, please post it or PM me. Thanks!

  9. Dude,
    its really easy to hard wire it.... i mean really easy...
    I did this about two weeks ago with the same exact hps from Home depot your talking about.....

    step 1:
    Get your self like anything from a 16 to a 12 gauge extension cord.... these are pretty cheap!!

    step 2:
    Cut off the end of the extension cord. expose the the wires.

    step 3:
    On the hps ballast there should be (3) wires... a red, a black, and a green which is the ground.. basically optional depending if the extension cord you bought has a third prong or not.

    step 4:
    Connect both positives and both negatives... and the ground if its available...make sure to use electrical tape for safety reasons!!! I didnt bother with the ground... just make sure you dont have any electrical problems....

    step 5:
    The ballast coms with a cover for the back... basically makes it turn on when its dark.. wrap that in electrical tape covering up the whole thing... This will make it stay on all the time...

    The $50 dollar one at home depot is 75watts...
    the 67 dollar one is also75watts... Thats the highest wattage they sell there.... they sells higher wattage bulbs though...

  10. This is it....

    I took the cover off... that plastic piece.. makes it spread light better without the cover....

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  11. Thanks bro. I'm gonna do it right now. The guy at home depot said I could do it that way, but he was kinda hesitant (I think he knew why I wanted a HPS light, and he was all about fire code and crap) I'm guessing your yield goes up when you use an HPS v.s. an incandescent light, right?

  12. I bet they do ...Can't wait to put my babies into flowering

    The Dude Abides !
  13. i went to Home-D lastnight and all i found were the HPS bulbs, so i jacked like three 250w bulbs... asked somone where i could find a HPS light fixture, they said they didnt have any. but i saw somthing similar to your picture.. except the light was fuckin HUGEEE it was for a street light... whats going on????? i have the bulbs but no ballas
  14. i saw mercury vapor lights there too I wonder if one could use those.......

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