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Ghetto grow, need some help. 2nd week flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by optima, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. yea thank, i bought a mini microscope from ebay, just waiting for it. i should of just when to a store and get it.....
  2. At the 6th week. Somehow, it seems like its been more... It could be the 7th week. Im pretty sure I started 12/12 on July 7. Seeing other ppl with better ligthing and conditions, I am more than glad to have what I have. Anyways, I am getting really exited to see those buds forming. Cant wait till harvest... Still have a lil while i guess..

    2nd pic is the most developed bud yet. There are 2 like that coming from one plant but what you see is one bud. I am waiting on a microscope to see what I should do.

    Last 2 pics are mostly buds from one plant. Some of them a fatting up, some a still gaining length. Most of there pistil are still white and there arent much trichomes.

    The 2 purple kush are doin just ok. Just waiting to upload some pic to see more of a difference... They are some what swelling... still happy to be able to get something out of it.

    I hope it is still worth updating this thread...

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  3. how long did you veg the girl in pic #1?^^ Have you used any nutes, or just going with whats in the MG Ultra Bloom?

    Looking good man, can;t wait to see the yield.

  4. Thanks Buddz,

    From seedling to flower, it took a good 2 month. If not, a lil more.

    For the seedlings, I used Plant Prod Ultimate 10-52-10 (root strenghtener/given every 2wks)
    During veg, I used RapidGro 20-20-20 (given every 2-1.5wks)
    and for flowering, just the MG Ultra Bloom (given weekly)
    all was given at 1/2 to 2/3 dose and they dont get any other nute

    for my next grow, i am intending to use all miracle grow product... it seems to work good. fox farm is expensive and seems complicated to use
  5. I'd pull those fan leaves
  6. yea... i did pull out some fan leaves here and there.... but im not a big fan of that. i rather just wait till it turns yellowish...

    i find opinions on this technique differs from ppl to ppl...
  7. Alright... the 7th week. Im getting impatient and really hope the fruit of my labour will be more than sweet.

    3rd pic is the plant is realized it was pk after a while... it is doin ok (kinda hard to distinguish the pk out of that mess)

    4th pic is the pk that i cutted half way at the start of flowering

    5th pic is my longest bud. It about 12cm (5inch, something like that)

    6th pic is my most develop bud

    The question of trimming a few fan leaves has been bothering me. Im considering to trim a few but still try to figure out how i should do it...

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  8. danm.... school just started... i have been busy for a little.

    i just thought an update would be nice for those who are still interested
  9. just a little reminder, there are 4 plants in that pot...

    i am gonna stop the nute and harvest 2, maybe 3 plants, in 2weeks. their trichomes are cloudy. i am looking toward a headbuzz type of thing...

    as for the last one, the biggest plant of all, i am not so sure wat to do. the pistils are turning amber, buds are getting fatter but slowly (i think.. if not it is stagnant :s), but there arent much trichomes.... and they are still clear... i am still debating what i should do. seems like it is taking for ever to have little trichome when i compare it to the others....

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  10. i'm still lurking around watching the grow..
  11. That last pic you put up looks reallly nice
  12. free erb is the best. congrats dude
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    Thanks for passing by! yea that last pic (the 3buds) is purple kush. there are more buds underneath but diffcult to take pics and they are somewhat small when compared to those 3 buds
  14. Indeed, free weed is awsome. cant wait till ill smoke my first batch!
  15. for a 'ghetto grow' these look great! how big is the pot with multiple plants in it? i started my grow in a similar way, but separated them later.
  16. thanks, the pot is 22cmx22cmx25cm (WxLxH).
  17. so... yesterday, i have quick dry one of the least developed bud. i did it via the oven. the bud was not smokable... it was still too humid, so i left it there and i smoke it about 30min ago. Cant really say that im blazed off my mind but definitly, it does something. maybe it was the high from the thc or dizzyness from the CO2. it was aromatic and somewhat enjoyable. to tell you the truth, i rolled another spliff after that one.

    and i forgot to that some pick of the quick dryied bud.... but 1st harvest is in a day or 2 !.!.!!
  18. Congratulations of your 1st harvest! May there be many more to come.
  19. Those look really nice for a first grow.
  20. Thanks for the input guyz! I have learn so much with this first grow. It was experimental. More is to be learned and better result are to come. I am impressed by the day with what I have grew.

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