ghetto ballast?

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  1. K so, ill say first.. im pretty baked right now.. That resin does alot better than one would think

    So... I m thinking about a ghetto home made ballast.
    Do you think the following would work?, or am I just stoned?

    - 1 tray - 2'(Length)x7''(Width) (Like for plant drainage for a garden.. or a gutter)
    :: $1.47 @ Home Depot.
    - 2'x2' sheet of Mylar
    :: $10 for plenty of Mylar @ Online websites

    Drill a hole the size of a Mogul Socket(3'' or so) on one of the sides of the tray for the socket to fit. Then use the plate that comes on mogul socket to mount onto the plastic tray. Finally, hot glue the sheet of mylar to the inside of the tray. Slide the bulb in and all done.

    I'm using a CFL, so no need for transformer and capacitor and shit, nor do I have to worry about heat... So I guess in that regard, pretty much anything covered in mylar would work?
  2. just spend the money and go buy one......

    nothing like half ass rigging up a ballast....burn shit down and/or hurting yourself..

    don't wanna hear about you on the news.....
  3. haha I'll agree with that. Sounds like a definite answer to me; I'm gonna just buy a ballast lol. But that's why I asked, and now I know. :)

    Thanks for the help bro.

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