GH Ripen the same as Rock Resinator?

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  1. Are they essentially the same thing? Can I use Rock in place of Ripen? Asking because I have Rock and not Ripen.
  2. I wouldn't use either of them. Just stick to the organic replacement thats 100x less expensive.
  3. Like ??????????
  4. Oh man...we have options galore, dont we?....don't really see much of a secret sauce from the ingredient list of resonator below. I wonder how the company determined it packed on more oils and biomass...

    Potassium <15% ; Phosphorous <7%; Nitrogen <5%, Seaweed extract <5%; Humic acid <2%
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  5. Because Marketing said so!
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  6. k

    Why are you bypassing the question ? Second time i asked this question .
    Then what do you use ?
  7. OK OK, put down the gun...just don't ask me a third time....pahh leaseeeee, I'm beggin! ;)

    I'd be happy to recommend something to the OP but I dont know his grow method.

  8. I was asking for me ... Forget it .
  9. Promix HP
    GH Flora Trio

    I’m definitely interested.
  10. I'd recommend straight water the last two weeks of flower....your nugs will be super tight with way more crystals then having ever used resonator or resin.
  11. I have FloraKleen. Use that with the straight water? I was planning on the last week with water and FloraKleen.

    You think I should just go straight water now? I'm halfway through week 7. Pics included

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  12. Girls are looking pretty solid! Nice job.

    although honest, I was more just being a wise ass with my water only comment...just my bitterness with all these 'nutrient additives' that are on the market........I don't buy into them...
  13. Oh! lol Well, I suppose there is some truth to that. I think the additives make a difference when everything else is optimal, which I'm sure I'm not.

    Thank you! I tried hydro for a while, and had several failed grows. Promix HP seems to be working nicely.

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