GH Nutrient question.

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  1. I have some decent little ones going already i used the GH in my DWC tub,

    My question is, i just made a nice custom bubble bucket 2 days ago, My plant is nearly into 1 1/5 weeks veg. and its going pretty strong,

    How much bloom / micro should i use In your opinion. Per gallon in a 5gallon setup?

    Any info appreciated. Sorry if this has been answered before i looked for it.

  2. Thank you, i should have looked for that first probably.
  3. Unless they're paling, you should start nutes at 2 weeks (or when it has 4 nodes)

    There are a few ratios you can use for veg:

    3-2-1 (per gal) = 270ppm NPK: 49-11-59
    2-2-2 = 260ppm NPK: 43-16-54

    Some plants will get too much nitrogen and turn a deep green from the 3-2-1 in which case you should use the 2-2-2. Also the 3-2-1 has less magnesium than the 2-2-2, so if you have any problems then switch or add cal/mag.

    Some even use a weak lucas formula 0-2-4 .

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