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  1. Hey guys,

    Just after some info on the General Hydroponics Flora ferts. Just wondering do I have to mix all three together or only the Flora grow and the Micro for Veg, and the Flora Bloom and Micro for Flowering??cle

    Was after some info off growers who have actually used this range of ferts. I have tried doing some research on this topic, but get conflicting stories, some say use all three while others say only use two at a time depending on your grow cycle.

    A feeding schedule would be greatly appreciated. The feeding schedule on the bottles seems to be a bit more than what I thought. Do not want to over fert the plants, but still want to give them what they need, if someone could let us know how much they have used on their grows, would be greatly appreciated.

    VEG ROOM: Aeroponic system with 400w MH
    BLOOM ROOM: DWC system with 600w HPS

  3. The GH web site has everything you need to grow. GH have great products. FF has a fert called "Big Bloom", I highly recommend this product.

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