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  1. Looks nice, but what the hell does it say?
  2. he hasnt seen it yet
  3. 'unconventional' is one meaning...
  4. [quote name='"since93"'][/quote]

    I remember reading Ggrass's fucked up sex story hahahaha

    Put a smile on my face lol
  5. story was made up...

    wasn't it?
  6. They were all made up(as far as i know)

    ggrass, i miss this brotha.
  7. same here...
  8. I love GGrass too.
  9. ggrass is cool. wonder when he'll actually click on the artist's corner. lol.
  10. Since93 glad to see you making threads in the Artist's Corner again.
  11. thanks psycho, good to see you buddy.....:wave:
  12. Me too. I like his art.
  13. I just saw this...

    Brother E, I know you mean well, but...

    If you called some Thai guy this, you'll probably get shot.
  14. is since93's art some kind of running joke im not in on? its always some random purple text on a plain yellow background.
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    อุทลุม (/อุดทะลุม/) เป็นศัพท์กฎหมายไทย โดยเป็นคำวิเศษณ์ หมายความว่า "ผิดประเพณี, ผิดธรรมะ, นอกแบบ, นอกทาง"[1]
    คำ "อุทลุม" นี้ใช้เรียกบุคคลและสิ่งต่าง ๆ ที่มีลักษณะดังกล่าว โดยเฉพาะอย่างยิ่งบุคคลที่กระทำผิดธรรมะบังอาจฟ้องร้องบุพการีผู้มีพระคุณ

    It reads,

    Ootloom : It's a word used to describe a person who is 'untraditional, with wrong moral, or nonconforming'.

    The word is especially used to describe a person who is being ingrateful to his/her parents by suing his/her own parents.


    Or may be Since93 had read some of my stuff that had particularly harsh words towards my parents. Such as the one I wrote in Royks "GGrass appreciation" thread.

    In which case I must say to Since,

    "You don't know the whole story."

  16. You don't understand it my man? It's abstract art, I think it reflects since93 very well...since he is somewhat of a complex individual.

    I like the art cuz it's different. Yes, the colors are used almost's the image...just look at it...even if you don't know the has no language :smoking: just look at it and appreciate the piece.:wave:
  17. damn brother my bad....i used "utthalum" as, well, like you said below, in the "unconventional", "nonconformist" way....

    ^^this :smoke:

    ^^not this :D

    ^^not this either, just the outside-the-bell-curve ggrass we all know and love brother...

    joke? man

    love ya :smoke:
  18. ^ You're my brother...


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