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  1. What’s up guys, rn I have a 9x5 with 8 supa dank plants in it. 4 original gg4, 2 col. bubba kush, 1 rsk2, and 1 rsk 1, flowering under hlgs 550 v2 & v2 rspec. Now, everything is looking amazing in the tent, but any one who has grown gg4 knows how lengthy & floppy the strain gets, I was wondering if anyone could shoot me some advice on keeping them supported. I made the mistake of not scrogging canopy I just bamboo stuck my pots. I just hit week 6 & they are most def flopping. I was thinking maybe a double dose of power si? Appreciate any insight/feedback

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  2. I don't have a source, but I've read or heard (possibly either on here in No-Till:Revisited or on the KIS Organics podcast, don't recall) that it's not a good idea to give your plants high silica in late flower. Instead, I'd install a trellis, just for the tops.

    I use this style of trellis. I love the elastic and the hooks that are already installed. If you're 9'x5', maybe this elastic 8'x4' will stretch? If not, this is a 5'x15', but it's not elastic. Either way, trellis support for flower tops :metal:
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  3. I use bamboo stakes even yo-yos in the short term

    or a grow tunnel with fishing net covered for the longterm

    best advise here is don't mix and match those strains ....lololololol
  4. Shit man I know I learned the hard way. They are lookin fuckin tasty tho, for my next run I’m thinking about tomato caging than scrogging at week 3 when the stretch is over, any one wanna chime in?

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