GG#4 HPS/LED Combo Organic Super Soil

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  1. Flipping to 12/12 after 24hr light dep 20181004_184321_Film1.jpg 20181009_003210_Film1.jpg 20181009_003236_Film1.jpg 20181009_003221_Film1.jpg 20181009_003216_Film1.jpg 20181009_003329_Film1.jpg 20181009_003339_Film1.jpg 20181009_003348_Film1.jpg 20181009_202004_Film1.jpg 20181009_202035_Film1.jpg 20181009_202053_Film1.jpg 20181014_160301_Film1.jpg 20181014_160346_Film1.jpg 20181015_235247_Film1.jpg 20181018_192403_Film1.jpg 20181018_192324_Film1.jpg 20181020_103922_Film1.jpg 20181021_140214_Film1.jpg 20181021_140217_Film1.jpg 20181021_140228_Film1.jpg 20181023_184347_Film1.jpg 20181023_184350_Film1.jpg 20181023_184356_Film1.jpg 20181023_184358_Film1.jpg 20181023_184409_Film1.jpg
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  2. They have been transplanted into 5 Gal smart pot. They have also been topped or FIMed to create even canopy. Also did a little LST and supercropping.
    I have been feeding straight ACT along with some sillica. All organic recipe.
    Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Feather Meal, Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Compost, and Guano. 20181030_002913_Film1.jpg 20181030_002939_Film1.jpg 20181030_002928_Film1.jpg

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  3. 20181104_011145_Film1.jpg 20181104_011210_Film1.jpg Coming Along!
  4. 11/17/18
    Beginning of week 4 of flower. Day 22 of flower. So far I am pretty happy with my results. I think I identified one sativa leaning phenotype, one indica, and also 1 that grows slower then the rest. Although not entirely sure if its the environment that created these differences. As they further develop I may get some clues to this regard.

    Black Magic soil seems to work great with no issues of burning or deficiencies whatsoever. As far as smell its not very noticeable unless the plants are disturbed or pruned.

    Decided to discontinue the Aerated teas as Im sure the ladies have plenty of 20181117_003136_Film1.jpg 20181117_000942_Film1.jpg 20181117_000623_Film1.jpg 20181117_000542_Film1.jpg 20181117_000933_Film1.jpg 20181117_000706_Film1.jpg 20181117_000936_Film1.jpg 20181117_000951_Film1.jpg 20181117_002815_Film1.jpg 20181117_002836_Film1.jpg microbes in the soil. The rest of this grow they will only be feed 3-12-12 bloom fert untill its time to start the flush.

    Buds should really start to develop in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Also im already planning my next run which will be 10X different strains including this one. Another 5-6 weeks on this one. Shout out to for these beans.

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