GG#4 and W Runtz Ebb n Flo

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  1. That's my Indoor Table 1/3 Gg#4 the other 2/3 is W Runtz.

    It's a 6x4 Table and a 100Gal Reservoir filed w 85 Gal.

    I'm using H & G Aquaflakes, G&H KoolAid Liquid and dry, Calimagic, and the special shit . Lot's of Love for the Girls.
    IMG_20221009_215539197_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215554007_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215700982_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215714320_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215721540_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215738869_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_215803373.jpg
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  2. Well, that's the first time for me. The GG#4 is BLEEDING ROSIN !!!!

    I try to post a pic and get that Message:
    The following error occurred
    There was a problem uploading your file.


    What's the solution ?

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