GF's car surrounded by cops? (Colorado)

Discussion in 'General' started by Acidphere, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone, Hopefully you all are having yourself a fine evening :).
    (If this is in the wrong Forum, please move it sorry).

    So my girlfriend (age 22) works at a local restaurant, and she got off late tonight. This is in Colorado where weed is legal.
    There were only a few cars in the parking lot and when she left hers was surrounded
    by about 1 cop, two sherrifs, and a canine unit. She called me to come pick her up because she had a
    hash pen and a gram of wax in her car. It seems a little excessive to have that many police out for a simple drug alert by a canine?

    First of all, isn't that like entrapment, you just cant be going around searching cars with drug dogs?
    Especially in arguably the most Weed friendly state in America.
    Second off, we just left the car and the car was locked, they cant break in can they?
    We just feel like this whole thing is wrong on so many levels, and we feel like what they're doing is illegal.

    Anyone have an input on the situation? The cops were there for at least an hour. Thanks!
  2. So why cant she have the car? And no they need a search warrant to go into ur car or else u have a law suit as long as u could prove it was them

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  3. She didn't want to go get her car because she was afraid to do so, so she called me.

    I figured, it just seems so odd why they would even waste the time over something so little.
    Reminds me of those stories of the Cops raiding a house for drugs only to come up empty or short handed.
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  4. Oh so she was in or gettin her car after work? And yeah it being legal idk why or what they was after or their intent?

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    Yeah she was leaving after work, at like 11:00 p.m and there were like 3 other cars in a big parking lot and they were all by hers. I'd be afraid to enter that ish too, even if i did nothing wrong. I told her she could use her 4th and 5th amendment if something happens and make a case out of it.
  6. Wow that definitely dont sound right man!

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  7. Weed is legal there...what's the issue?
    Was she just smoking the weed prior to that and paranoid, or?
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  8. The dog would hit on all sorts of drugs but the cops wouldn't know what it was until they saw it. If she's of legal age and within the parameters of the law regarding cannabis go get the car.

    A dog hitting on a car here gives the officer probable cause and that's all they need. Not sure about there though.
  9. Why would she be afraid if she isn't doing anything illegal?
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    Of course they're trained to detect cannabis ...and many other drugs. The dogs indicate the same way regardless of the drug. I said I didn't know if a dog indicating was probable cause in Colorado. Here where I live it is, just like in an airport, border crossing or customs, all it takes is for the dog to indicate, which gives the officer probable cause.

    Having seen the link you posted i would go back and get the car. Show the cops the weed and go about my day. If it legal for her to have it, it's not a worry. Maybe she's a minor, maybe we arent getting the full story, who knows. If shes a minor any indication could be probable cause possibly as minors aren't legal to have weed, I don't know. However if she's all legal theres nothing to worry about.. get the car. The cops could of just been standing there for some other reason and she freaked out for no reason. It's not like she went and found out. If I was legal, I would of found out what was up. They could of been looking for a missing child or running criminal. Maybe someone reported a disturbance. Maybe she could of helped solve a horrific crime and get the key to the city, that might be a bit out there but since she didn't go see we will never know
  11. They could have been bullshitting their shift away and it had nothing to do with your gf's car. Relax, what will be will be.
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  12. It's easier to deal with someone with weed than it is a deranged inbred tweaker so they tend to blow it out of proportion a bit.
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  13. They really don't blow it out of proportion here, and they certainly don't do random dog searches for weed in vehicles. As long as you aren't selling large volume, driving high or smoking in public, cops couldnt care less. Odds are they were there for some other reason.
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  14. Dog’s here do not smell for weed. They sent 99% away.

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  15. You never said what ended up happening? I assume she just waited until the piggies went back to their homes made of straw and wood? In that case it's done but yeah they definitely were in the wrong if they were messing with her car because they thought there was weed in it. But the thing is cops are wrong all the fucking time. And they get away with being in the wrong all the time too. Not every time but enough times that it could happen to anyone. Avoiding any shit with them should be absolutely paramount. And even if you "win" some legal beef you get into it's going to be after so much wasted time, effort, and money that it would only be half worth it if you're one of the rare lucky few that ends up getting a nice payday after a successful lawsuit. And unless you're a leprechaun with a horseshoe up your ass I wouldn't count on that being you.
  16. Dawwwg City
  17. Well OP ghosted. Story doesn’t add up tho. If was only a gram of WAX, then why react that way?

    I’d actually want to know what was up if I can help them with anything. That’s the best thing about being in a legal state bro.

    But was just on the news other day about how those dogs are not on colorado anymore. (The ones that smell for pot). For obvious reasons.

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  18. Car might have matched description of one used in a different crime.
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