GFIC power strip keeps tripping with just light plugged in whats that mean

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    my 15 amp gfic powerstrip keeps on tripping, i wait 15 min hit reset it does it again... what does that mean? does that mean the wire has a short somewhere or something.
    i plugged in the light just into the wall and it worked fine, until i unplugged it...
    i tryed it with the fan and light tripped it.. then light on strip in one outlet, then fan on another outlet across the room,fan kept workin but light tripped... its a 1000 jd lighting on 50 percent dimmed,im kinda pissed cause it took forever to set this shit up 

  2. you're better off calling in an electrician
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    well now the fan works fine on my new gfic powerstrip and the light works fine on my old powerstrip...nothing tripped and i have my 42 inch on it as well and they say those are only like 2 amps i guess...idk its weird, been on for like 45 min now fine. 
    I have to worry if my actual circuit breaker didint trip and the powerstrip one tripping on a 500 watt right? 
  4. I'd be worried if the strip didn't pop before the breaker did.
  5. So don't worry then? Computers have more amps/watts then I have plugged in I'm pretty sure..I think in total in whole room is at like 8 amps..

    I also heard digital ballasts trip gfics all the time
  6. Its been running for 2 hrs now...both power strips are cool to the touch ,so is the outlet..all the cords are too...ballast is a warm but I think that's normal...

    do you think I'm fine?
  7. How do you know there aren't more outlets that share the same circuit at the panel?
    For example, all of my outlets in the room outside my closet are on the same circuit at the panel. The circuits in my closet are different because it used to be a laundry.
    Just run it and see id guess.
  8. Yea I'm just gunna run it I guess since the seeds popped lol but I'm pretty sure the circuit breakers will pop if anything ... Plus 500 watts isint that much power..
  9. With electricity, there is no such thing as pretty sure.
  10. Well I'm not worried since Im positive I didn't over load the strip and I also read soft starting ballasts trip gfic which mine is...but I do agree with you

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