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Gfbg Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Devin33, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. im making an investment, im savin up 400 bucks, thats right, 400 bucks for an oz. of grapefruit bubblegum kush, friend said when you open the bag, it smells like fruit loops, after hearing this, i think im switching to smoking dro more, im starting to go through shwag like crazy

    anyone ever heard of this shit?
  2. i have heard of those all seperately, grapefruit, bubblegum, and kush. but not in one, i would be skeptical although im not calling you or him a liar. if it looks like some top notch buds id pay top notch prices for it regardless of name. There is always a possibly that its not top notch tho so watch out
  3. remeber.. new strains can be created..
  4. i never said they couldnt ;) i just told him not to be a fool and pay 400$ for playin the strain name game. cuz thats what gfbgk sounds like to me. but as i said in my above post, if its top notch, regardless of the name, id most likely pay top $ for it.
  5. Never worry about the strain name just worry about if its really worth the $400.
  6. Fur shizzle
  7. i've never heard of it.but it would take a few years or so to stabalize/do some good selective breeding,unless some chump just crossed em once and its an f1. also dro just means it was grown hydroponically, dro can suck ass. but cool man hope its good! :p
  8. Good luck with getting it, I wish I could afford ounces nowadays.

    Try to get the guy to knock off like $20. Usually dealers will give you a deal if you're buying a larger quantity.

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