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GF won't let me eat her out!? How do i convince her?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by rubythered, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. She is afraid of having oral sex performed on her, i tell her that she has to do it at least once for her to decide. But she wont let that happen. grrr. what to do box?
  2. tie that bitch up and go hard!

    have you guys been dating long (like 6+ months) if not: wait, she will get more comfortable with you as time goes on. if you have, then you need to sit her down and figure out why she doesnt want it done. dont try to convince her untill you know why she doesnt want it or doesnt like it.
  3. Rohypnol always works for me :confused:
  4. Tbh... why would you want to go down on a girl? I'd see ypur situation as a good thing haga. I'll only go down if she rewards me with a blow job or sex. Thass just me tho...
  5. just buy an uncooked salmon and lick it
  6. Pfft.

    You shouldn't eat pussy for her.

    Pussy eating should be for YOU.

  7. I love going down on clean chicks. I would suck on clean pussy flavored lollipops all day if I could. That's just me though...;)
  8. "Accidents" Happen while kissing her legs, etc..

    One lick and she'll be hooked
  9. i would only want to if shes clean and she wants me to... no fun if she hates it...
  10. Yea i get really turned on when i can really turn my chick on, and ive had a lot of practice so im pretty good. so, i just wanna help her experience something amazing. Ill just wait till she gets more comfortable i guess? takes time?
  11. Shit I'll eat a vag if she's a hotty. Right after a shower is prime time baby. :D
  12. show her some porn, perhaps a little tequila, and as my old football coach used to say, "Attack the box!"
  13. get her drunk until she say's yes? perhaps?ah then again
  14. Ahahahahaha QFT!!!!

    But in all seriousness who wouldnt want to get eaten out :confused:
  15. One of the reasons why I never want a guy to go down on me is because I've had a few UTI's in my lifetime and because of them, I've been very scarred to the point of not wanting mouth or a dick down there that hasn't been washed. But I don't like people's mouths down there because fear of germs which would equal UTI's. I understand where your girlfriend is coming from.
  16. Hahaha I guess I'm just weird.. But like I said, Unless she's fresh from the shower, or I'm just hammered, It ain't happenin', and for me to even consider it in the first place, I've gotta be gettin something from her in return haha.

    I will say though, the faces and noises that my girl makes when I do decide to do a little muff divin' are quite entertaining hahaha.
  17. Possibly that, possibly the girl really is just innocent and shy, maybe she just has a really ugly vagina and is insecure about it, or maybe she had an STD and doesn't want him to catch it....I'm pretty sure it is one of those :D
  18. You're in a deep hole (metaphorically of course, or else you wouldn't have posted this.) Alot of guys won't eat a girl out, but i LOVE IT!!!!! As long as she's clean, the pussy taste is better than fine wine. You gotta make her moan and groan, and she'll be hooked like catfishing. BING!!!! Reel em' in.
  19. my gf doesnt want me doing it either but i just do it anyways once you start they def dont stop ya haha :p but thats if your doing it right. if u cant do it right shell not like it even more
  20. maybe her pussy smells like her ass?

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