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gf wants to get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mini mxer, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. i told her id smoke her out tomorrow but i smoked all my weed and dont have anymore i have like half of a weederate but its mostly tobacco do you think she would notice or still get high since its her first time i want it to be fun for her
  2. all youll do is mix the tobacco buzz and weed high together and itll be weird. thats assuming she doesnt already smoke cigs though
  3. nah shes never smoked anything in her life lol
  4. if i was u, i wouldnt put tobacco in it, just try get some weed
  5. You might want to try to pick out some of the weed from your mix. It'll only take a very small amount to get her baked. Since she has to breath deep for the weed to work, mixing tobacco in could make it too harsh for a first time smoker and she might cough a lot, which kinda detracts from the enjoyment of it.
  6. well id say i can prolly scrape up about maybe .5gs but thats if i try really hard from around the house and shit but i dont think that will be enough so thats why i wanted to mix it
  7. That's way more than a first time smoker needs to get high as fuck.
  8. the most important thing is to make it enjoyable for her
    id say postpone it till you reup
  9. thats way more than I need to myself to get high as fuck, and i wouldnt call myself a new smoker :D. go for it man
  10. yeah man like .2 would be straight.
  11. well i gotlucky my dealer woke up now im getting more yay! thanks for all the comments/ replies to the thread.
  12. Yeah if you wouldn't have gotten more, you wouldn't have enough for yourself. =)
  13. get dank shit and give it to her, that way its a "nice" high. hahah
  14. whoops haha didnt read that. nice and have fun smoking with your girl.
  15. return some cans and coinstar your change you bastard
  16. Maybe you should make some brownies and let her try like that. Well at least now you have somebody to grow with or split the price on the bags. :eek:
  17. edibles arnt the best tihng to try if your havent already smoked alot. because i beleive you need to know how to be high by smoking to know when your high from edibles but that might just be me haha

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