Gf smokes up? does that mean she doesnt have to buy shit from her money?

Discussion in 'General' started by .AcidTrip., Aug 8, 2008.

  1. my gf smokes but we pay for pot together, a lot of my friends get fucked over by there girls cause they always expect there boy friend to have shit on him.
  2. for real they think they're your BF they can expect you to buy for them
  3. you and your gf are doing the right thing, it just seems wrong that only the guy should pay :)
  4. agreed
  5. It all depends on how often she gives you blowjobs...
  6. In my last relationship, I was the one that paid for it all the time. Go figure. :rolleyes:

  7. That's fucked up, Hempress.

    I mean, the girl shouldn't have to go looking for connects ( Unless she knows a few good people), since that can be shady. But your significant other should definitly throw down for the weed.
  8. Well, I was the stoner (still am!) and he was the fair-weather smoker. Guess who smoked way more? :laughing:
  9. I pay for the weed myself,sometimes my g/f throws in a couple dollars every now and then but i don't really care.I love sharing my weed with her cuz i usually buy alot so i need someone to share it with lol.But it doesn't really bother me if she pays for some or not cuz she's an awesome smoking partner.
  10. agreed.
    i'd spring for the weed if i were getting a steady diet of bj's.

  11. Word. I dont see anything wrong with that. A bowl for a blowjob.. any objections? Should we write it into man law? :D
  12. It shall be.
  13. On point my nig.
  14. Is she a whore or a girlfriend.

    That seems like PAYMENT for a blowjob. Id slap the bitch for suggesting that. Then tell her to go suck some dick, if thats how she wants to roll, to get money to PAY for weed.
  15. I don't understand....what's the difference? :confused:
  16. QFT... I don't enjoy turning my girlfriend into a prostitute.
  17. ahhaahha :D

  18. :laughing: Pete, your controversial remarks always make me laugh.


  19. Me and my boyfriend try going half and half on what we buy. But some weeks, since I don't have a steady job, he pays for mine. But I plan go get him back one day.
  20. yeah. im just too used to always paying in the relationship that i never expect for a guy to ever buy me shit.

    "i got 5 on it babe"

    which is what i always used to hear whenever i bought a quarter of mids for $25. but it was nice when he surprised me with burger king and threw in a hershey's pie.

    i always got weed on me. it's always nice to have my stash. and it's cool that you and your girl split the cost. now i just need to find someone who is financially able to do that. why am i always stuck with the broke guys?

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