GF sent nudes to other man. She doesn’t know i know

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  1. Ok guys I’m gonna try to keep this brief as possible.

    Been with my girlfriend out of state for 2 months and known each other for 7. Things are great and she’s the best girl I’ve ever met, hands down. I’m 27, she’s 32. But then this happened...

    Came back to her place when i was visiting her in Denver after some day drinking. She hopped in the shower and i looked through her phone. I wasn’t looking for anything intentional, or maybe subconsciously i was. But i saw she sent nudes to this dude. The SAME pics she sent me. Obviously i was pissed but i kinda brushed it off and was like ok there’s an adjustment period in a new relationship and we weren’t official. Eventually i got over it and said I’ll check just one more time when i see her again so i know whether or not it’s true.

    FF to now, (like a month later) she sent the same guy more dirty pictures. P**sy and everything. They’re doing dirty talk and all this sh*t. She’s saying “i clearly want you stop being weird...” to said guy. Obviously i am absolutely f**king livid and going out of my mind. She hasn’t ONCE brought up to this guy that she has a boyfriend; she always says “work trip” when she visits me. EVERY time. She hasn’t shot him down once and she basically eggs it on. The guy is a vendor so her travels a lot with his company. Hasn’t visited her...yet.

    Funny thing tho, she gets pissed whenever i talk to a girl and she got pissed today when s girl sent me a Snapchat selfie. Like what! AND YOURE SENDING NUDES?! GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE. I’ve never sent nudes or selfies to other girls like this while being with her.

    I may have brought this upon myself since i looked through her phone, but now that i know what i know, (silly question) how do i breakup with her without saying i went through her phone? She has to go. This unfaithful behavior is disgusting and only 2 months in. She’s sleeping right next to me right now and all i want to do is scream and throw her ass out the window! Can’t sleep and heart is pounding in my chest.
    She’s visiting until Tuesday AM and i have work tomorrow. Do i wait until she leaves? Tell her to pack up and be gone before I’m home from work? I’m extremely confused and hurt and going out of my mind. Seriously this is unbelievable and a conversation that can’t be put off.
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  2. Theres only one thing for it mate. Inbox me the pics, itll make you fell better
    Seriously though. If shes bein a hoe then just bump her. Block her number and go get yourself some fresh pussy. Not worth causon yourself more grief over.

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  3. She's 32 man her clocks ticking. Get her pregnant or a cat
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  4. She has to go.


    how do i breakup with her without saying i went through her phone?

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  5. Just be straight up, hey, I looked through your phone, I know I shouldn't have and it was a shitty thing to do, but the shittier thing is sending other dudes pics of your pussy, so I'm out.
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  6. Just be honest , say something like "I've recently got to know things about you that I don't like, so I won't waste time with you and I hope we can remain friends but no dating. "
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  7. Send a pic of your junk to other dude via girlfriends phone captioned SURPRISE BITCH
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  8. hmm I wouldn't leave her alone in the house after saying be gone by the time I'm back from work... like unless you don't have anything valuable at home
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  9. Classic
  10. If it's your place,
    Have locks changed
    and pack all her shit in plastic garbage bags and put them outside the newly locked door
  11. Call in sick send her packing don't leave her alone with your stuff......
    I wouldn't wait till Tuesday I'd ask her if she can change the date of her flight, if she can't, ask her if she can afford a hotel, if she can't tell her to sell those nudes for a room!

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  12. Putain! WTF ? Bro lemme help you here... give me your snap ID imma send you some forbidden pics, the kinda shit forbidden even in Hell lol
    No but more seriously dont say anything yet til you got a plan idk make her jealous, cheat on her with her sister or something, or just slap her with your dick, take ugly mofo pics of her sleeping or something and send it to the guy like "Surprise motherfucka" lol
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  13. Pictures or it didn't happen :confused_2:
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  14. I wouldn't want a girl I am with to know I looked through her phone. I would just tell her it was fun but I don't see her as having long term commitment appeal and say I am not clicking with you. That's better than telling her you looked through her phone. If you tell her you looked through her phone she might think you are possessive and it's good she got out, if you don't tell her she will be wondering what she did to make herself unappealing to you and it will bigg her for a while. Be as vague as possible.
  15. Wait until she's out of your place and then tell her. If she's not on any contracts with you, wait until she's out of your place tomorrow morning, and then break up, cut her off, etc.

    If you don't want to tell her you went through her phone, tell her that her attitude towards the women you talk to is a huge red flag that she's a cheater yourself, and that you've been burned too many times and don't want to deal with it. If you want to really stick a knife in her heart, tell her she's pretty old and you want a girl your own age, one you can plan a life with kids with or something.

    She's cheating on you and being overly protective of who you can talk to. You don't owe her anything.
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  16. Yes!!!!

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  17. Hey inbox me those pictures so i can see how serious this is ...
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  18. It's a wreck dump her. Not much more to say she obviously doesn't feel the way you do. If she did she wouldn't be sending pics to someone else. You haven't been together that long no big loss.
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  19. In simple words: dump her bro.
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  20. You've basically been with her no months so really there's no investment here and you don't really know her well enough...but you're sure finding out!

    If you want to leave her, just take lessthanjeezy's advice and be straight up and drop her cold turkey. I know I wouldn't hesitate to be up front with her. Personally I'd also let that dude know what she's doing so he knows what he's getting into...thus fucking her both ways.

    If you want to stay with her and work on it than you'll probably have to agree to an open relationship, at least while you live in different towns. Otherwise, it ain't worth fighting against both of your natural instincts.

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