GF rant.

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  1. My GF and most females I know have to be on Facebook every 15 minutes and it pisses me off.

    The vacuous tv and magazine culture tends to make young women think that been a gossipy argumentative spiteful cunt is ok.

    We can be watching a movie and she's on Facebook on her phone, while eating she checks it the list goes on.

    It's to the point her life revolves around seeing what shit her friends are having for dinner or how they are pissed etc etc.

    Her friends only call her up to bitch and call her other friends names, this can go on for hours. Then she's nice to the person she calls worse than shit.

    I'm sick of it, that and she seems to think watching soaps all night is ok but If I wanna play xbox once in a while it's a big drama.

    Any argument she plays the go get stoned card. When most of her family live in a shit hole area and don't earn half what I do.

    She says this is normal it's me who's crazy?

    No bj for me tonight.
  2. I would never put up with that shit, if you don't want to you don't have to either...
  3. lol Stupid people are stupid. Tell her to fuck off if she is really that set in her ways.
  4. Well I went through to get a drink she's on the phone to her friend (who she works with all day). Normally for the sake of an easy life I'd just go watch tv with her.

    But I'm in my game room now bowl packed mw3 surround sound. she can fuck off.

    I'm getting quite sick of her childish stupid shit.
  5. Ha she just came in "thought we were going to watch a movie, why do you need to cause an argument just to play your stupid game?".

    I just agreed.
  6. Is she on her period?
  7. Sounds like its time to hop off that train, before she blows.
  8. [quote name='"Marsbergen"']Sounds like its time to hop off that train, before she blows.[/quote]

    I say hop off the train after she blows ;)
    Alright giggity giggity goo!

  9. um. wow. She's not worth it.
  10. Congratulations, she's being a bitch.

    Sorry to be so blunt (not really), up to you how you want to deal with this situation.
  11. sounds like your girlfriend's in high school bro.

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