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  1. ok so my girlfriend doesn't know i smoke and she's an anti-weed person because her cousin is a weak-ass bitch who got addicted to weed and had to go to detox.. so how do i tell he/make her understand weed isn't bad??

  2. Keep giving facts, and somehow get her to try it.
    I had a ex that was against it, I got her to try it, and boom it changed her mind
  3. Gonna be hard. Either quit or heavily cut back or dump her.
  4. What is weed detox like? You apply for jobs all day or something?
  5. Addictive personality me thinks. Anywho, if you really love her you may be able to cut back or quit, if you really like weed then tell her it is a part of who you are and you enjoy it, if she loves you she will get over it.
    It's not the end of the world.
  6. no effing clue haha

  7. Lol this probably ain't going to end well. if you honestly care for her and want a long term relationship, you better tell get. Cause if she finds out, it will more than likely be over.

    Tell her or break up with her in my opinion.
  8. 1 in ever 8 women will get breast cancer - that is a FACT!  Anyone in her family have breast cancer?  
    Pot compound seen as tool against cancer        (news – 2012)
    Or Alzheimer's?
    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's        (news - 2006)
    Or diabetes?
    Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy       (news - 2006)
    Hon, there is a LOT more to cannabis than just getting high!
  9. Meh I had to go through something similar, my advice: get out while your ahead.
  10. pick weed or pick the girlfriend
    can't have your cake and eat it
  11. You gotta make the choice. You should make it soon.
  12. Tell her you've smoked this whole time, take it or leave it. Being with someone who doesn't smoke is no big deal. Being with someone who is morally against something you do regularly is quite a big deal however.
  13. Give her a pot brownie unknowingly

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    Nug, if he follows your advice, she will likely have a panic attack and end up HATING cannabis even more! Many cases of "accidental ingestion" end up in the Emergency Room- the cannabis won't hurt them, but the panic and anxiety that THC can cause can send you into a "shocky" condition!
    Their relationship is on shaky ground already, if he follows your plan, it is almost 100% certain she will leave him immediately! And maybe even call the cops on him for poisoning her! Drugging an unsuspecting person is a crime that can get your ass thrown in jail for a quite a while! :eek:  (and how many posts have you see about that  "ex" threatening, or actually snitching, on the cannabis-loving former lover? )
    And even if she has a "reasonable" time, would she ever really trust him again after he drugged her?  :confused_2: I wouldn't! It would always be in the back of my mind- "What might he use to drug me with next time? An "unmentionable"?" 
  15. Hate to be a cynic, but you're probably young (like me) and she's not gonna be the woman you marry. You're too young to be pinned down or constrained bro.
  16. I've said you need to deal with it for find a boyfriend that doesn't smoke. If they leave it's probably for the best.
  17. This is one of those things you need to decide yourself.  Is she worth it?  If so consider cutting back.  But you really shouldn't ever let anyone change you.  I'm surprised you entered a relationship with someone that hates something you enjoy doing.  Either way, you need to discuss this with her because it will only get worse with time.  If she finds out expect bigtime overreactions.  
  18. that's the greatest thing I've ever heard made me laugh so hard hahaha
  19. Give her fun marijuana facts.
  20. Smoke a fat joint to the face and say 'See? I ain't suckin dick or robbin people like your cousin!'

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