Gf hates my hobbie. Help.

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  1. I'm completely consumed by cannibus cult. I love reading about it. Networking takin care of them helping others with it. And my gf hates it because I'm so consumed by it takes allot of my time from her. She loves to smoke. But won't step foot in my room she doesn't care. I love her completely she's pretty much have my wife been together 5 years now. But basically I was wondering if I can bring her to the....the light side lol she thinks their pretty and wants to get high. That's it tho ..not she says it's my fault but. I just found what I love it don't wanna stop and I want her to maybe take a Lil interest. Any suggestions

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  2. I have no idea what to tell you. Does it not appeal to her that she has premium quality weed without having to search for it or pay for it? That alone is enough for people in my neck of the woods to be very happy about a grow. LOL I can understand how much you love the growing aspect of it because that's exactly the way I feel. But if you really care about this girl, you might just have to back off your enthusiasm for it for a little while and let her know that she is the most important thing in your life...if she truly is. TWW
  3. Its very hard to balance priorities when you have different interests, especially after a long day of work. Woman will always ask for attention, and after dating phrase seizes she will want to be taken out more. When you have kids, they may grow up provided and abandoned at the same time like me. people that concentrate 24/7 on work are workaholics and selfish. they avoid taking risks, and do what they do best. Your citation doesn't seem grave, do what you gotta do for half a year, that will send her a message that she has a choice between adapting or packing
  4. I smirked when I read this. While paying for it isn't an issue, my GF is far too straight edge to ever procure any herb herself, in an illegal state like the one we met in and lived the first two years. She grew up with a bit of a silver spoon and I had to explain to her the value of her not having to deal with shady dealers and/or bad quality herb because she got it from me, high quality, for free, delivered to her living room, and rolled/loaded up for her ready to toke.

    Any smoker who's had to struggle to obtain quality and pay for it knows the true value of this. Much love goes out to those living in illegal states having to deal with shady characters and overpriced bad grass.

    OP, if you are in such a scenario, and she genuinely enjoys the herb she gets, I'd make it a point to have her recognize the value of this. Having said that, in the end it becomes just like any other relationship issue, it's a matter of compatibility. Figure out what each of you likes and gives it how much time and see if you can gel with each other that way. Do not ignore her wishes and do not have her make you ignore your own. See if you can compromise based on what everyone genuinely wants. If not, maybe you two are not as compatible as you once thought.

  5. You can grow and enjoy the plant without being 'completely consumed by cannibus cult.' Try toning that part back a little. It sounds like maybe it's becoming more than just a hobby. Relationships are about compromise, communication, give and take. Life is about finding that happy balance, especially when one is in a committed relationship.
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    Its half her place. She does get a say in what goes on there. If its not a legal state and something happens to your relationship down the road be careful. Don't let it consume you. A good partner is valuable.

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    Dude, put the joint down. Breathe. Walk away from the joint. Sober up a bit and please translate WTF you just said there.

    You said she is your gf but she won't step a foot in your room (you sleep in different rooms?) And now she is your wife of 5 years? Huh?

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    I think he meant grow room. And yeah if you're living with a girlfriend for five years that's pretty domestic.
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    Be careful
  10. Honestly man it sounds like you have a great thing with your partner. If you've been growing for that long and she's still with you then she can't *hate* it - but she might hate how consumed you are by it.

    Try to make it into a shared activity or something? That's what I do with my GF. She used to be really straight edge and wouldn't even consider smoking pot - and now we do it almost every evening together.

    My gf was pretty apprehensive about a grow and wanted no part of it (legality, even though I'm in a med and decrim state). Once she realized how fun it is, how great the bud is, and the fact that we're sorta "in this together" because we live together - she came around.

    But if she feels like it's taking you away from her - you gotta listen to that. It doesn't sound like she's asking for you to stop, just tone down the "cult of cannabis" a bit. If she smokes with you, what more could you ask for!

    5+ year relationship is pretty precious - keep it.

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  11. I agree with ExplosiveTrap Smart words
    Don't get consumed by the "Cult"
    Give more attention to your GF and not the MJ community .............................
    Words to live by

    Women don't like to compete with the Ladies we grow, so like I said be careful......

    Take her out dancing and a dinner
  12. The thing that finally made my wife come around was showing her how much we saved a month. My wife don't smoke.. Has nothing to do with it. So I definitely see where your coming from.. Our first few months were rough with me growing.. But now after a couple Harvest she has definitely noticed the savings.. All I'm really spending money on now is grow supplies, which is much cheaper than my meds. As for spending time in the grow room, trust me I'm sure we've all been there.. They are just so beautiful and mesmerizing. But as long as you meet there basic needs they don't need you to watch them grow.. Lol they do just fine on there own.

    Happy growing dude.. Hope you get things worked out.
  13. Try to convince her to check out the grow room, let her take a look with the loupe at the development, show her the difference between phenotypes etc. I guarantee she'll love you sharing it with her, even if she doesn't seem interested atm. Make her feel included in your new interest and obviously try to pay her some attention too. Worked for me.

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  14. I had this same problem when I first started growing. If I wasn't working I was either in the garden or reading about things to do with the garden. Luckily my girl is outspoken af and told me to chill out, now a few years later, she is showing an interest in cultivation and I can talk to her about the plants without her rolling her eyes and telling me I spend too much time growing and reading.

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  15. Lol , I read this and laughed. I'm now married ,3 kids. My relationship started like that almost ten years ago. My wife, well my girlfriend back then hated me growing. I didn't realize how much time I was spending at my tent. You know women they need attention. I backed off a little with the growing. Still together, she's still not really interested, but she respects the fact I love it. Now add 3 kids into the mix. Sometimes it's hard to prioritize ,but my kids and wife come first. I keep my lights on schedule that I can't work in there after everyone is settled for the night. It's all about showing her she's important and prioritizing.

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  16. Find something that she likes to grow and figure out how to incorporate it...tomatoes, peppers, something else.

    Oh yeah, and quit ignoring her.


  17. Oh shit I'm high as balls I thought he meant bedroom. My bad sorry.
  18. *hobby


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