Gf gets mad when i want to smoke

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  1. I just recently started smoking again due to my job but i recently quit and work with family now. She is always getting mad when i say i want to smoke she knows my lifestyle of me smoking before her but since i met her i haven't i started smoking again shes here at my house now were alone, i wanna smoke and watch a movie and get some sex in it too.

    i dont see no harm but shes about to be mad:mad:
  2. A womans trying to change you? that's weird, bro.
  3. Ya, never heard of that before.
  4. Never. It doesn't happen. Ever. I think this guys just making up fake storys to sound cool.
  5. Do you know WHY she gets mad about it? Is she ignorant when it comes to weed? Or is she just a stingy bitch? (...just sayin'.)
  6. I've seen this problem in a few people...

    tell her to just push with both hands, as hard as she can...might help..:p
  7. So she gets mad when you smoke? Your girlfriend gets mad? Wtf? Who's girl gets mad anymore? Shit's old school.

    Nah, but seriously, does she say why shes mad or just that shes mad?
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  9. A girl I'm trying to chat up is against all drugs -.- FML seriously. The strangest, coolest, most down to earth girl I've ever met, but she hates drugs...
  10. ive seen so many of these types of posts. seems to be a pandemic
  11. Or she doesn't have a reason to love them.. give it to her! Smoke and then munch her rug. Instant love.
  12. if she doesn't like it now, she never will. gotta make a choice about her.
  13. Exactly. I've never seen anyones opinion change before idk about you guys.........

    seriously? :rolleyes:
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  14. Tell her the weed helps you appreciate her beauty in other ways.

    Better yet tell her you noticed sex is more intense when your high and she should give it a try.
  15. give a fuck what a nikkah think bruh, smack a bitch or somethin... but you best be blazin if you want to cuz you gotta do you boy, dont let nobody change that.
  16. lol :laughing:

    Seriously though unless she has a good reason then tell her that she needs to respect your decisions. My girlfriend did the same thing when we first started dating and now she just thinks it's funny when I'm stoned out of my mind.
  17. id smoke and if she said shit id be like "hate me?, break up with me...if not STFU"
  18. I like this guy...
  19. You need a girlfriend that smokes.
  20. Solves all problems.

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