Gf And I Just Broke Up

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  1. My girlfriend and I just called it quits after 3 and a half years of dating, I can safely say that today has been one of the worst days of my life. As soon as she said she doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore, I felt like I was trapped in this dark bubble isolated from the world, and I started looking up and around me for someone to wake me up, almost as if I was having a nightmare. I couldn't be more confident that I was having a dream, and that I was going to wake up and text my girlfriend how much I loved her again. I could tell a lot of it was rehearsed, and a lot of it was simply her friends talking. 
    I didn't moan, bitch, or beg her to take me back. I swallowed my pride and thanked her for an amazing relationship. They say nothing is impossible, but holding my tears back today seemed to be as impossible as the whole thing being a dream. I'm on the road to recovery now, any advice is appreciated. Your fellow blade is hurting pretty bad. 
    I saw it coming, but i didn't think she would since we lived together. Now I'm back at square one, single and looking for a new roommate. 

  2. Ouch,dude, I know your pain. That shit's rough.
  3. I know how you feel. I just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship myself on New Year's.
    However it was probably easier for me because that bitch kicked me out three times and I just simply lost my feelings for her after that. But I just thought, "Fuck that bitch." Why did I think that after having loved someone for so long? Because life is short my fellow blade. To short to dwell on the past. Accept what has changed in your life, and lock it away in memory. Whether the memory is bad or good, it's up to you. Don't sweat it that she's not there anymore. If she broke up with you, it only means that she's not the one even if you did truly love her. But when you do find THAT ONE man... You're gonna look back on this and go, "Damn I'm glad she broke up with me."
  4. i was in the same situation, man. but what helped me the most with coping was just to be with my buddies, and hang out with them and have a good ass fucking time, because that shows that you can still be happy without her. after that you can slowly learn to realize that life goes on, even if you don't a girlfriend by your side.
    as my californian friend once told me oh so eloquently: "chicks come and go, dude. but dudes, dudes are forever, man."
  5. Thanks a lot guys, you give great advice. I'm planning on hanging out with my friends today, take my mind off of this whole mess. 
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      Your hand will never break your heart. Love your hand. I am so glad you blades make posts about failed relationships like this. I am not above it. I have failed at every relationship and a 20+ year marrige. But I learned!!
      My hand has never broke my heart or cheated or got fat on me or cost me a lot of money. I love my hand.
    One time, a gay man tried to pick up on my hand. Wanna know how my hand reacted? It made itself into a tight fist and smacked that guy right in the lip!! I love my hand.
  7. it's gonna be okay bro
    i love you
  8. i love you too man. 
  9. i'm sorry. don't worry, you'll find a new girl, just giv it time :)
  10. Sorry to hear that bro, I'll put one in the air for you.
  11. Yeah, I definitely need that. I'm pretty sure the reason she broke up with me was because she found someone else, she just didn't want to say it. I was so great to her, gave her everything she ever wanted, never cheated, always treated her like a queen. She couldn't even give a reason as to why she was breaking up other than she didn't want to be in this relationship anymore. 
  12. Thx man, I haven't smoked since. I think a lot when I'm high, and right now I've been trying my best to distract myself and not think. 
    maybe she just needed a break. sometimes you don't know what you had until its gone
  14. you say you didn't beg for her back or anything like that, that's good. don't make it seem like you don't care but also don't make it seem like your desperate. let things be how they are and if it's meant to be she will come back to you.
    if she's just trying to make you feel a certain type a way, and you beg for her etc etc, she will see that it's working. but if what she is trying to do isn't working, she may be the one who comes to you. good luck bro, been there
  15. You seem like a great guy. You never no like sparkles said she might realize the grass isnt always greener on the other side and want to come back to you ( that always gives the ego a nice boost) but maybe not.Try to think postively about what happened, but if you can't, and you get depressed then embrace it. go through those lows,I bet you will be a much stonger dude afterwards. So basically just take this time to work on yourself. so when the next chick comes along you wont have that baggage and you will be able to treat her like a queen like you did with your ex
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    Time to do you bromie. Go out, have fun. Be permiscious and have no regrets. Live for you and noone else.

    Best way to get over an old chick, get under a new one!
  17. Just do yourself a favor and don't let her come back if she wants to, shit will never be the same as it was, you are now offically NOT the same person you were yesterday and she may not understand that.
    Discomfort breeds growth, good luck dude!!! 
    a good ass fucking time, huh? :smoking:
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    Thanks a lot for all of your replies guys, you all give fantastic advice, and I really mean that. I've been doing a bit better today I guess you can say, at times I feel sad, at times I feel joy, at times I feel anger, regret, and most of the time I feel a mix of all these emotions, but I've had my sister to help me out a bit. If I can give you guys any advice, it's to not burn your bridges and cut the most important relationships out of your life for a relationship partner like I did. I spent 3 and a half years living for someone that I thought was the most important person in my life, who all of a sudden today is no one. My family and friends are still here for me even though I wasn't, and I realized I made the biggest mistake in my life by pushing the most important people out of my life. I apologized to my friends individually and am going to do my best to restore my friendships now that I'm single. I owe it to them. 
    As for you all, I sincerely appreciate your advice, and am using it to help get over her, it's just difficult because I was with her everyday for so long. Thank you. 

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