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Getzlifted central FL pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by getzlifted, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. So i just moved here from michigan and i figured id start a pickup thread my cuz is the only person i know for tree right now so im stuck with this reggie but bare with me till i get the dank connect
  2. I'm in the 727, but I never find regs anymore! Only dank, but I'm not complaining. That's exactly what my mids looked like though. I'm sure I could get ripped on a J of that still, but a snap of dank does the same thing haha. It was 25-35 for a quarter of mids. Now I pay 175 for a half of chronic.
  3. Haha damn i wish i could be in that situation what city is that im new around here so i dont really know area codes haha but those mids where nice compared this shit i just got its just plain awful haha im considering asking my little brother to ask his friends at school where the dank is lol [/br][​IMG]
  4. Update: i found some dudes on the beach who said they could get dank called me up a few hours later and met up one of them said he had to run across the boardwalk to get it and i was very wary about doin it but 60 dollars aint really shit to me so i gave him the money and one of the dudes chilled with me shootin shit then the next thing i know were in the parking lot and i see the first guy in his car and the other guy takes off runnin and i punch the guys window as he sped off lesson learned that locals cant be trusted! Ive seen that blazer he was drivin around tho and i got the plates as he was drivin off haha so next time i see that ill be sure to express some gratitude
  5. where in FL? looks like some similiar shit i got.
  6. I live in st augustine but i got the regs in crecent city
  7. That looks like the "fire" (really regs) I got from a guy a while back. Got a Half Ounce of it.
  8. Damn man that blows i wish florida would just pass a fucking mmj law so i dont have to deal with bull shit hopefully you didnt get overcharged for that rip!
  9. I hope you get your hands on some dank crip, it's out there you just got to find the right people. GoodLuck :smoke:

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