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Getting your cannabis card in california

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MaW, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. I live in california, I have insomnia but have never been to a doctor about it, was just curious how hard it would be to get my card with no prior medical records.

    thanks in advance! :)
  2. You need medical records.

  3. No you don't. Go to the CALNORML website and look at the Doctor referrals link. Make some calls and ask about what they need to give you a MMJ recomendation for your condition.
  4. Each place is different, but it is a heck of a lot easier with records!
  5. It's going to be hard to get a recommendation without any medical records. If you have health insurance go see a doctor and get them to prescribe you a sleep aid. Bring in the prescription to a doctor who can give you a medical marijuana recommendation and explain that you do not like the effects of the sleep aid (a lot of people prefer marijuana over prescription sleep aids).
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    True... but every place I called said come on down... I never mentioned medical records but took them with me anyway. If you have them it can't hurt to bring them along. If you want them to have as little information about you as possible, leave them behind. Just make sure you are asking for MMJ to treat a legitimate condition like chronic pain.

    Be prepared to talk to a real Doctor about your condition for at least 10-15 minutes. If you're lying they will know and you will get nothing. If you're legit you will leave with your rec, even if you didn''t bring records.
  7. they dont give a shit if youre lying about your condition, my doctor was baked when i went in to get one

    the only way they make money is if they sell cards
  8. whats the easiest condition to get a rec for? pain? sleeping conditions? cause i really plan on getting one so i wont have to risk any crimes, but i would like to know the easiest ways to get one. i occasionally get bad heachace/migraines, cant focus sometimes and do have a hard time falling a sleep on a pretty frequent occasion, but how do i go about getting records to first have a higher chance of getting one.
  9. lol its a joke, anyone can walk in there and get a card. I just showed them a huge scar i had gotten from a surgery and that was it. Im smokin legally
  10. My friend told them he has chronic migraines and he said it was about 55 dollars for a medical card and it was not that hard. But I am about to ask him what steps he took
  11. I guess I will be the one to put this to rest.


    Some doctors could care less if their patient has a legitimate reason, while others require to see paperwork and proof of your condition. The best way to find out is to find your local mmj doctor in the phonebook, and give him/her a call.

    Just a side note, don't ruin this for all of us that really need these cards in order to live somewhat normal lives. (it'll be legalized soon enough)
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