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getting yelled at while high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capuchino Man, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. anyone else feel like this? when your getting yelled at while your high is 8x scarier than while sober. why? because that voice keeps repeating itself in your head but really loud and a little slow motion but with a booming echoing voice like they have in the movies. and the first thought you have is, "shit they know im high, am i acting funny? did they notice?" and you virtually shit your pants.
  2. Till their face morphs into a clown and i scream at them.
  3. I don't get yelled at, I'm not a child.
  4. I've actually been yelled at while high. I just had a blank face. After they were finished yelling, they asked why I looked out of it and I just said long day :bongin:
  5. Haven't been yelled at while being high, one of the benefits of living by yourself (well, out of your rents house anyway)
  6. It totally ruins your high. just makes me pissed.. in a sort of cocky bastard type of way..
  7. It is only scary depending what type of situation it is. The other night I just finished vaping and i went into the living room to find some old tapes to watch and my mom kept on yelling at me saying I don't pick up baskets right, lmfao all i could do was laugh.
  8. this is literally sometimes the scariest thing ever hahahaha. In high school sometimes my parents would barge into my room to yell at me about a B+ on a math test or something (they're Indian...) and I wouldn't know how to react at all. It was mad awkward too because they would sometimes ask me to explain myself... yeah that never ended well hahaha
  9. *Yelling*

    "lol, What?" :smoke:

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