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  1. I am growing in my closet and the width of my closet is 22" And I need to get a sheet of wood that is approx 22x80x1, I want to use this to close off the area which I will be growing in and put up some mylar, Does anybody know where I could find wood like this? Can I get it cut for me at home depot or something?
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    You must buy the whole 4'x8' sheet, but at my home depot, they will cut it for you in one place (as opposed to making multiple cuts). If you want accuracy, you make the measurement and marks for them. You are buying the whole sheet, after all. But your home depot may be different. The only way to be sure is to ask them. :(
  3. okay thanks alot for your help, ill go check out my home depot today.
  4. go anywere that someone might be framing a house , talk to one of the carpenters and for 5 bucks they would probably give you some scraps even if you had 22* 4 foot and got 2 of these, a sheet of 1 inch ply is super expensive!!!! use some 2*2 and maybe some half inch ply any construction site has alot of scraps!!!
  5. If it lasts longer than 48 hours, consult a doctor.
  6. You need help finding a place that sells a sheet of plywood?

  7. Hahaha :hello:

    Check home depot or any lumber place.
  8. haha thaks guys, I got all the plywood I could need for $6.30 today at home depot
  9. Haha I saw the title and was like...."Okay, wtf's this guy getting wood over? Must be a harvest post!" lmao. Nope. :smoking:

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