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getting wisdom teeth pulled...under general anesthesia

Discussion in 'General' started by kingkong, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. wsup yall...i need some information from experience here..

    soo not long ago i got my wisdom teeth pulled..3 of them...on ONE SIDE(i have wut the doctors call a 9er)..IT WAS TORTURE..they gave me local anesthesia and i dont care wut u guys say....IT STILL HURT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER....somehow the amazing doctor could not manage to pull my teeth out and kept drilling and pulling for 20 minutes..for 1 tooth..and that 3 times!....
    they told me that it was because my jaw was amazingly small and plus the extra extra tooth..

    the problem is...i just suffered from pain id never want to experience again but, i have 3 more teeth on the other side:mad::mad::mad:

    soo...i was wonder if they could, like an operation, put me to sleep and start pulling...i dont care how much i have to pay..if it can be done, i will do it

    thanks infos xD
  2. when i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out they put me to sleep, then they gave me vicodin after:hello:
  3. *Wisdom teeth fit in my jaw*

  4. how was the experience? did you not remember anything? if you know, is there any risks of waking up in the middle of the procedure? :(

    i envy you....
  5. no... i woke up when they were done with my face really numb, but it felt like i was kicked in the face a few hours later...thats what the vicodin was for haha
  6. They took all of my wisdom teeth out at once while they were still in my jaw because they were coming crooked. They gave me nitrous then put me to sleep and when i woke up i was just confused and groggy like after any surgery but it was all over. I had four pretty big holes in my mouth and just popped meperidine/promethazine in bed for a few days.
  7. I'm sure that sucks dude... what I was getting at though was, neither of my parents (nor myself) had to get their wisdom teeth pulled at all.

    A lot of people were jealous in HS, and after when they learned I never needed braces to have straight teeth. I only knew maybe a handful of people who were as lucky...
  8. I got put to sleep when they took my 4 wisdom teeth out. I woke up pretty groggy, didnt really wake up until about 2 hours later. I got a prescription for like 40 hydro's and didnt take a single one to stop the pain... becouse there was no pain.
  9. Man i had four holes in my mouth and there was most definitely pain. I'm jealous that you got hydros and not pain.
  10. errm, ya that sucks, I'm gonna have mine out soon too =/
  11. yea..i'm not worried about the pain afterwards cuz they gave me paracetamol 1000 and it didnt really hurt at all when i took it..just was annoying cuz i couldnt smoke and looked like i got my teeth knocked out or something

    the part i hate is being awake and hearing(feeling!) that they are cutting open my gum and drilling and pulling...i was literally shaking like nuts in the dentist chair..it was horrible

    i guess the next time ima just get me put to slleep..but im the kind of person who worries a lot (cuz a lotta shit happen to me :( )and...im kinda scared that i would wake up in the middle of the surgery...:eek:
  12. I had very little pain getting all 4 out.
  13. yea dude i had my teeth taken out and they put me to sleep too. it felt like i blinked and then we were done. i cant believe they wouldn't put you to sleep, especially with 6 wisdom teeth (wtf). you should just tell them that the pain is unbearable and tell them to put you to sleep. thats cruel that they wouldnt do that for you
  14. I got 4 out of my 5 removed (the 5th was way too near my sinus cavity for them to operate), and they knocked my ass out. They asked what I wanted - local or general - I told 'em I'd pay the extra for general.

    I woke up after it was done and felt a little stony... So I thought nothin of it and walked right out. They were freakin on me 'cause I was standin. I was tryin to tell 'em I get wasted all the time and I could handle it - but my mouth was packed with gauze and they wouldn't have it, lol.

    I was fortunate enough for my mouth to not hurt that bad afterwards. I barely got any swelling, and ate a full meal a couple hours after the procedure. Mad people were jealous 'cause I didn't need the vidodin for pain at all... So I just ate a bunch at a time and got mad fucked up, lol.
  15. i was put to sleep when they pulled mine

    if u can't get knocked out then get a lawyer to make them
  16. I had 3 removed about a year ago. I was givin a pill and gas before the procedure. All I remember is him hammering away at my teeth and asking if I was feeling any pain. I just smiled and gave him the thumbs up. Then they gave me a script for painkillers and I dont remember much for 5 days after.
  17. Got my 4 wisdoms taken out all at once.

    I woke up took two bong rips before with my girl driving me. Do the gas pass out wake up feel like im drunk and im talking shit about getting in a fight a long time ago. Or so I was told, don't believe it. and kept taking bong rips to the dick, I was trippin about dry sockets but I didn't take the vicodin.

    I wanted to try my natural painkiller, I feel like im such an advocate. I don't really need painkillers, goes against my grains these days.
  18. it all s=depends on how impacted they are. mine were mild and i woke up with no pain and didn't have to pop any. seriously don't worry about it only makes things worse
  19. Mine were severely impacted, and the roots were wrapped around my jaw bones... I felt virtually no pain when the drugs wore off... It all depends on your body... Some people react well to the procedure, some don't...
  20. naww..its not that i was not allowed to get GA, its just that, i didnt really even ask about it and the doctor said..oh youll be fine

    as soon as i sat on the chair i noticed that it was a bad idea :p

    guess ima get knocked out b4 i take my last 3 out fo sho

    IGotCottons: how can you eat some hours after the surgery?!!?!
    i had to be content with soup and babyfood for about 4-5 days before i could eat soft stuff..damn

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