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Getting weed through the NEW airline checks.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hkod, May 12, 2011.

  1. I have always been able to get a small amount (less than a quarter oz) through airport security by taping it up near my crotch to get me by for a few days visiting family, working ect. Recently heard of full body patdowns and full body x ray type scans and was wondering if anybody knows a way around this.
    'If there's a will there's a way' I've learned especially true when it comes to cannabis so if ya have an idea let's hear it.
  2. up the poop chute
  3. Even if you stick it in your ass, it will still show up on the xray... You will have to mail it in some coffee ...good luck
  4. i would say choose the pat-down and tape it to your dick
  5. i wouldn't risk it. Last month i was at the airport and they patted me down very thoroughly.
  6. They are going to cup your balls and feel around any sensitive places.

    If you don't want a full cavity search performed on you I wouldn't fuck around.
  7. Ah, so then you could get a vasectomy and just carry around two nugs all the time...very large nugs...

    Then they will just cup your nugs and they'll have no idea.

  8. Lol... not true
  9. lame.
  10. howcome the most retarded, cop prone questions are all from people with like 10 or less posts?
  11. So me, I've got the classic stoner look. Long hair, saggy beanies, ponchos etc. I don't dress differently when I go to the airport or anything. I haven't ever had any complications in security, but I also don't smuggle weed haha. Never been pat down or had to do the x-ray thing. I always think after going through, "Damn, I could've brought bud over sooo easily." But really going through security isn't the bad part. In LAX I always see TSA people walking around with dogs, so that's honestly the sketchiest part about it in my opinion. Pills are easy as shit to get through, but bud on the other hand can seriously fuck you over. Just find a hook-up wherever you're going. Trust me, I've had experience and it's not that hard at all.
  12. Personaly i wouldnt but the mail is your best bet. I like the coffee maybe it wouldnt show on the x ray cuz its all loose product, or maybe even a sampler type of thing where you have several indivualy packaged items. My honest advice is to not risk it and find it when your there.
  13. how in the mail tho?
  14. buy there lol

  15. Well if its coffee place into the container good and reseal if possible. Theres always the ol candle trick thats been used effectivly as well, and with the explosion in the aroma therapy its still worth considering. Get some big candels and hollow them out and put your product into it and remelt the wax into the crevas and re use the sticker over when dry and yes the candels will light. I'm sure ya can figure the rest out,:)
  16. tape the bag of tree to a paper airplane and when nobody's looking, throw that bitch over the x-ray thing and go get it on the other side. its foolproof bro
  17. #20 NewbToke, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Why dont you try it and tell us how and what happens :)

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