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Getting Weed Smell out of a Drawer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bloOg, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. So I keep my green and my paraphernalia inside a little tin thing that I keep in a drawer in my desk at college. I'm currently 100% dankrupt but I realized that the drawer still smells dank as hell. I took the tin out for a few hours and it still smelled. Anyone know how to get the smell out? I'm gonna leave my green in my guitar case from now on but I don't wanna get screwed at the end of the semester if I leave the desk smelling like a hotboxed car.
  2. Get a small cup. Something that will fit in the drawer standing up. Fill it half way with ammonia. Put it in the drawer and close it for overnight. In the morning open the drawer, toss the ammonia and leave the drawer open all day. You should be good.

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  3. Dryer sheets, any household spray that smells strong, ozium, ect next time use Masson/ball jar or a pill bottle next time.

    also make sure there is nothing not airtight/vacuum sealed in the drawer or it will continue to smell.
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  4. My mom is one of the greatest sneaky closet smokers of all time, she uses patchouli for all scent hiding. Seems to work pretty good for people that actually care about hiding the smell.

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