Getting Weed Out Of Your System

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  1. Hello I'm 5'7 155 I smoke about 2 grams per week how long will it take to get it out of my system?
  2. Seven years, like bubblegum.
  3. It all depends and it's different for all people, how much you smoke and how long, when I was on probation I'd be %100 percent clean in 14-20 days, but on the other hand my one buddy could pass a piss test in 10... And then again my one buddy's dad was trying to get a job at the electric company, and his dad had smoked for 10 years with out quitting, and was clean for 60 days and still failed his piss test no joke
  4. Like @[member="SmokeyTheHuman"] said its different for everyone. It depends on how long you have been smoking 2g's a week for. If you have been smoking for years it would take much longer than someone who has been smoking for only a few months. I would think after around 2 weeks of not smoking it should out of your system. Especially if you drink a lot water and exercise, that' also said to help getting it out of your system. If you're trying to pass a drug test for your job, I passed my drug test for work with only 4 days of not smoking. I just drank a shit ton of water!
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    Go a couple of weeks clean then get a home test to see if you pass.

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  6. I mean it depends on the type and potency of weed. Do you have any blurry pics of the bud so we can judge

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  7. Don't know about getting it out I'm more into tryin to get it in.
  8. Great plains bentonite and fiber in water three day cleaner and last you a while for little money

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