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getting weed onto a carnival cruise ship?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Professor Ganja, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. i read over their FAQ's and rules and i guess it will just be held until the end of the cruise if its found, any ideas of how to get it on?

    would making brownies be a better alternative? i'd just like to somehow get pretty high while on the cruise.
  2. Put weed in bag. Walk with bag onto cruise ship.
  3. they have the same security as an airport..
  4. Not from what I've heard from friends, as well as the similar threads at the bottom of this page.
  5. put the baggie of bud in your sock. have a fun trip! :wave:
  6. So you basically just asked if you could sneak weed on a airplane..

    There was a thread somewhere about a guy who almost got caught with weed on a cruise ship, id say look for that and talk to the OP.
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  7. Op i'm not too sure how tight carnival's security is but i just got back from a 2 week cruise on a Royal Carribean cruise ship and I have to tell you there was absolutely no security coming on or getting off the cruise, i literally could have stashed an ounce in my pocket and freely walked on. Now then, you must consider that im talking about a whole nother cruise line so debate the risks versus the benefits of this for yourself.
  8. All you do is wear cargo shorts and put it in your pocket. You just walk through a metal detector. Your bags get screened like an airport. Cruising with bud is a blast. HAVE FUN!
  9. However, since you're likely to be leaving the country, there's always the possibility of a random patdown/screening. In preparation for this, what you'll want to do is wear two pairs of underwear, and stash the weed behind your balls in between the two pairs. Make sure you double/triple bag it, and realize that it will DEFINITELY be uncomfortable.
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    Been on a Carnival cruise, there wont be any dogs, so get creative. Enjoy your cruise in the sky. High.

    Btw, there will be so much food on the ship that you wont want to eat the brownies. Need to eat those on an empty stomach, one of those is rare on a cruise.
  11. my dad smokes bud for pain and he wrapped it in around 7 zip loc bags and held it inbetween his buttcheeks....funny i know but you gotta do what you gotta do
  12. Same goes for Celebrity cruise ship...just make sure you toke out on your cabin deck while ship is sailing, neighbors may smell and report you to the ships dick.
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  13. tie the bag to your balls, if they feel you up, say its your testicles. if they say its abnormally large, thank them
  14. Carnival is not MMJ friendly unfortunately, one of my patient buddies is on one right now.

    BUT cruising and MJ is no biggie, just be sure to smoke all your stash BEFORE you come back - don't bring anything back with you , and don't be stupid and try to buy it in port, bring it on board on your person.
  15. I've had rice krispy treats edibles a couple of times inside my carry-on luggage. I made it past airport security with no problems.
  16. Tape bag of weed to your inner thigh
    Put pants on
    Walk onto cruise ship

    If they ask to pat you down, it's all good. They aren't going to feel your inner thigh.
  17. If your real worried stick it between your ass. Not UP your ass but between the cheeks, even if the search you for some crazy reason they wont find it. :smoke:
  18. edibles are safer for several reasons, but i went on a royal carribean cruise three years ago and could have brought weed no problem. just be careful. dont smoke in dumb places.
  19. I went on a cruise at the end of the summer to Cozumel and the secuirity getting on to the ship is not that bad. It would be farely easy to get weed on the ship. Smoking it would be difficult, but edibles would be great.
  20. Remember what I said about my MMJ buddy being on a Carnival Cruise? Yeah they're frackking serious I guess. He got caught! He didn't tell me the gory details, but it wasn't pleasant he said.

    So err...yeah, don't got on a Carnival cruise. I never will (not that I would before, I'd consider them, but I'm a Princess man)

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