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getting weed on a vacation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gctoker, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so I'm going to Utah in a few weeks for spring break. (snowboarding>beaches) anyway, I'm definitely gonna want to smoke there, but how should I go about getting it? I don't want to risk asking a shitload of people and risk getting profiled or in trouble, and I don't really want to smuggle it through the airport.

    I know they have x-ray machines you walk through now so they can see through your clothes, and they have bags sniffed, so taking it through the airport isn't an option.

    How should I look for a connect?
  2. If your going to popular vacation spot there has to be someone who smokes. They are easy to spot out. Just ask him where the nuggets are of some code shit.

    There is gonna be someone who smokes the reefer there....just dun be a narc
  3. Don't worry about getting it on the plane. If you can fit it in your pocket and it doesn't reek your golden. SWIM flys to cali all the time with 8ths

  4. I wouldnt put it in your pocket. Tape it near your crotch. Ive never done this, (dont think i would risk it either) but i heard of people doing that on here before. They got checked but the airport people wont feel near your crotch.

    But he said he wasnt doing that so i guess just look for people who look like they smoke and start a conversation and casually ask if they know who has smoke
  5. Mail it to your hotel.

    Pick it up at the front desk when you get there.
  6. Vac bag it, put it with toiletries and check it, dont carry on plane.
  7. Yea your right, I would tape it to the inside of your leg just to be 100% safe. But yeah Herbal thats a good idea too.
  8. go to your local head shop ask if they have smelly proof bags we do at mine and we sell the shit out of them its how i get my stuff back from states just put it in one kinda ludge it under the sac and nobody will ever know or just ask someone more ppl do it than you think just be cool and dont act a fool
  9. Man.. don't worry about asking people, when I was in banff a few weeks ago we just went around asking people because we really wanted to smoke, the first people we asked had a guy but was in bed, the second people we asked had a guy but only sold by the half and the third guy gave us some advice to find some... eventually the third guy has some and sold us 1.3 grams of dank for 10$, we asked some other people if they had papers and they did and a lighter and we ended up smoking right there.. the people were super chill and really friendly too.
  10. thats awesome, I figure it should be easy, I mean, snowboarding and weed go hand in hand lol. I guess I'll just ask around and try not to look like a narc lol

    btw, anyone know if its safe to blaze in the bathroom in your hotel room? I was thinking run the shower, exhaust fan, and towel under the door and light up a blunt
  11. You should be good in the bathroom.
  12. Yea it really wasn't as hard as I expected it to be.. you just need to remember that a lot more people toke than you would ever expect and most people aren't dicks and if they have some extra that might sell some, plus if you're on vacation you probably won't need as much. We started looking for an 1/8th because it was just me and a buddy there for about a week but we knew we wouldn't be smoking every night.. so we were fine with getting 1.3.. at a decent price too and it was hands down some of the best weed I've ever smoked. We were sooo glad we decided to walk around looking for some and if we went back we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    That could probably work, it would still smell but I don't think there would be too many problems. If your hotel has a balcony you should just go up there and smoke it, that was what we did and it was actually amazing. We rolled a perfect joint, brought it to the 4th floor balcony and smoked it right there in the fresh air and mountain view (although it was dark out so the view wasn't all that great) and we could see the whole town and the main street.. it was awesome.. haha just chilled up there for an hour enjoying the view after we hit the joint...
  13. It's Spring Break in a ski town, it won't be hard to find whatever you fancy. Try asking people when you're drinking in bars - you'll be less worried about it if you're buzzin' on alcohol, and the people you ask will be more likely to be chill about it because they will be buzzed, drunk, or they will have weed on them haha. You could probably just smoke out the window of the hotel room if it opens.

    What mountain are you going to? Snowboarding while high is sick, definitely if you have a bunch of kid and smoke in the gondola.
  14. gonna hit brighton, solitude, and snowbird. don't know if i want to ride high, never done it before, and never ridden out west. I'd ride high at my local hill where i know the trails and lift, but i'll probably just smoke at night there
  15. Actually the first one was just inserted
    And they are going to start with the major airports first that bring in bank
    Such as around California, New York, Florida
    You should be straight bro Just croch it And remember to take your belt off
    I didnt remember and I got scared shitless I was like Oh Fuck cuz the metal detector went off
  16. dude salt city airport a joke on security but a shit load of ppl smoke in utah and it is easy as fuck to find a sack man
  17. im going to snowboarding for sb next week in colorado, luckily we are driving so i didnt have this problem. I think you will probably be able to find it pretty easily, youre going to be with a lot of other spring breakers who are prolly willing to sell you a dime/dub sac or will at least smoke you out one night.
    i do know a guy that taped a half o to his inner thigh and flew to cancun w no problem. i think youd be straight doing this just rem to take your belt off like CT Burnin said and have no reason for the metal detectors to go off or look suspicious in any way.
    Also you should have no problem smoking in your room, i do it all the time. open the window if you can and just light up a cig so if anything happens you can just play dumb.
  18. I was in SLC a few years ago and a friend and me just drove around and when we pulled up to a car at a stop light that looked like they were cool we asked the chick driver where we could get a dub and she said follow me. We followed her around the corner and she gave us a number and a name we called and we had a dub in 30 minutes it was over priced but worked out pretty cool, we were really close to the temple when we made the buy it was sweet.

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