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Getting weed in mouth while smoking a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by McMi11er, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have suggestions on packing a bowl where I won't get weed in my mouth while smoking it, or scooby snacks as we call it. When packing a bowl I usually put one or two small bits to cover the hole, then put the ground weed on top. It doesn't happen all that often but I was wondering if anybody had good techniques to stop it from happening at all? Thanks!
  2. Get a screen, or use a pebble even.
  3. I usually just use non ground up weed just chunks that are to big to fit through the whole it works pretty well rarely get scooby snacks
  4. Its just one of those things that happen. I personally don't like using a screen because I smoke way to much and the screen is clogged by the end of the day. We just refer to it as being shit on, and if you get shit on then your hitting it to hard.

    The best way is to pack the bowl down after a couple hits, and to not pull the shits into your mouth.
  5. Like Nobot said, getting a screen is probably your best bet. But don't buy any material other than stainless steel. As far as I know, it's the cheapest, most commonly available metal that won't melt or flake because of the heat from the lighter/cherry.

    Here's a listing on Amazon for 5 bucks, probably no more than 10 dollars with shipping. I still have my original bag of 100 that I bought over a year ago. Just remember that you'll need a bit of resin (not other gunk) in your piece for the screen to effectively stick to the sides.

    [ame=] Stainless Steel 304 Filter Disc, Mesh #60 x 60, 1/2" Diameter, 0.0075" Wire Diameter, 31% Open Area, Plain Weave (Pack of 100): Industrial & Scientific[/ame]
  6. Put a piece of thin cloth over the mouthpiece. It's what I do when i smoke my one hitter or else you inhale all the ash. Just use something you don't care about getting resin on.
  7. it stops happening when your pipe gets dirtier, only thing you can do now is buy a screen

    also, you can touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you inhale, that way it doesn't go down your throat
  8. a.dont break down the weed as much (helps a little)
    b.get a screen
    c.unscrew your sink head and take the screen out (bathroom sink or kitchen sink right where the water comes out.
    d.get stoned
    f.wheres e?
  9. Get a glass screen.

    You can buy packs of 50 glass screens for like 14 dollars online
  10. Wow, using the screen in the nozzle of the kitchen or bathroom sink...nasty

    I have this problem, too. I am a noob. It even happens when I use my glass screens but not as bad. I've found you just got to get to know your piece and know when sucking too hard.
  11. Stop sucking it too hard, TS.

    Is there a "That's what he said!" because it fit perfectly.
  12. you don't have to suck as hard as you might think
    otherwise get a screen..pack it better, use nugs, or maybe get a one-hitter
  13. Is a fantastic reason to purchase a bong.
  14. screen bruh.

    cheap nd effective.


    u aint gotta suck it that hard.

    its a peace pipe!
  15. You don't have to suck very hard to get ashes, pretty much any airflow can pull them into your mouth if you don't have something to stop it.
  16. Get a screen. Until then just lay some toothpicks or preferably stems across your bowl as a pseudo-screen
  17. Spit it like a pube
  18. my friends and i refer to it as "screaming eagle"!

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