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Getting weed at school?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by swizzle95, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Alright let me start off by saying I am a senior, I am 18, so I can be on this site. Thank you. Anyways, the dude im getting it from is gonna be out of town for a week or so and im getting an 1/8th from him. He says he's going to give it to me at the end of the day at the buses. I am also getting a ride home from my grandma (havent got my license yet, getting it soon.) I have one of these glass jars with the rubber seal and everything and im gonna bring extra baggies in case. The reason im so nervous is that earlier in the year I was almost caught. My dealer poorly bagged it and I didnt smell and went in my homeroom and it instantly stunk it up. Luckily my teachers didnt smell so I went to the bathroom, put it in like 10 double zip bags and one with coffee and shoved it in my locker and went home sick after 1st period. I promised myself I would never use weed and school in the same sentence but here I am. I feel like the conditions are good its just that I sketch really bad when it comes to school. I feel like everythings gonna go wrong and I just cant get that on my record. Shit what do i do
  2. If you have a bad feeling about it don't do it. Plus bringing/having weed to/at school is pretty dumb. Just meet him off campus after school someplace and then he has to risk carrying around the weed (if you must)
  3. Tell him to meet you outside of campus. At least 200 feet away from the school. I'm glad to hear that you won't be bringing weed to school anymore, dumbest thing you can do.

    If he has a problem with meeting you at some gas station or something I wouldn't bother with getting it from him.
  4. I'll probably just give him $10 extra and tell him to bring it over later. Man I really need my license.
  5. I know your going to get the whole "don't bring weed to school, or don't meet your connect in school".. but if you have to, it's not all that bad. Just bring a dryer sheet (put it in your backpack inside of your locker) then put the dime bag under it. It kills the smell and makes your locker smell so fresh. Just don't keep the weed in there forever, so you don't fear getting caught or something stupid.
  6. hoop it.... really though just bring some extra bags i wouldn't use dryer sheets there so powerful they taint the weed, I do use them to rub down clothes after a burn though
  7. used to always pick up weed at school. just play it cool
  8. hmm, i've never had dryer sheets make the weed tainted, but just make sure it's in two different pockets that are really close together.
  9. I'm just picky about my buds being as fresh as possible I would never put a roach in the same bag as my grass let alone a scented dryer sheet one bag layer away. I can notice a taste taste change and is harsher ziplocks arnt 100%
  10. what i always did was pick up from a kid in my PE class first hour, put it in a small, airtight jar and then wrap the jar in my gym clothes (no, they werent all sweaty and gross, all we ever did was sit around lol) so noone could see it if for some crazy reason they went into my locker (which i used my own lock on so the school couldnt search) and since that locker room already smelled like a mix of butthole and axe i probably could have just left it in the bag but whatever anyway just dont be an idiot and carry it around on you simply in a zip...i've seen countless people get busted like this over the years
  11. First of all relax man, you're way too dramatic. Taking the day off because your weed smelt is messed up. All this worry and making it into a big deal should stop. Don't necessarily need a Mason Jar, just bring many extra bags. Wrap it up, toss it in your backpack, don't sketch and enjoy your day.
  12. Dude its not that big of a deal just put it in the jar you will be fine. I used to pick up halves in high school at school like weekly. No smell, no suspicion and mason jar is smell proof.
  13. One shouldn't ignore bad feelings and premonitions they have, it is a VERY strong evolutionary ability we have developed to save us from dying due to our ability to reason.

    Also, I wouldn't bring weed on school grounds at all. Just asking for trouble IMO. If it can't wait til after school, regardless of reason (I see no justifiable reason to put myself in that much hot water), then maybe you need to sit back and reconsider a few things. Like priorities.
  14. Yeah if you really must have bud on you at school be super discreet and paranoid about it. It's definitely less sketchy if you don't do it at all.
  15. If your getting an 1/8 theres no point in double bagging it or using dryer sheets.
    It's not like your getting in the car with an oz

  16. id say keep weed away from skool or any other type of drugs, but who am i to say anything i usta smoke on the skool bus, take swigs of vodka in class, pop pills, cigs... neva got cuaght really, but now that i look back its like damn... that was dumb.. but better now than later i guess though hahaha
  17. having weed on you at school is a bad idea, just meet him off of school property somewhere
  18. [quote name='"PlancksConstant"']having weed on you at school is a bad idea, just meet him off of school property somewhere[/quote]

    Exactly its much easier like this
  19. People bring bud to my school all the time.. matter of fact one time me and my buds were walking down the hallway no one else around and my friend pulls out his bowl and takes the biggest rip ever haha fun day but no one got in trouble..

    i guess you just gotta be REALLY stealthy at school if you really have to buy the bud there..
  20. After school near the buses? There will be so many people, nobody will see lol. I remember back in my school pickup days, my dealer and I would "high five" and would transfer bags that way.

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