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Getting two of my close friends high for their first time/question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone! I've been toking for quite a while but two of my close friends have never taken a hit. They have only recently found out that I smoke, about a month ago or so. I thought they were going to be fine with it but not want to be around me when I smoke or when I'm stoned but it turns out, from being with them stoned, they want to try it! :smoke:

    As for what we will be using, it will most likely be my bong or my waterfall bong. My question is this though; at the moment I only have a hybrid strain that is mainly Indica dominant. With this being said, do you think they will be able to handle it without passing out in 40 minutes? It's pretty dank and the last thing I want to happen is to finally get to smoke with two of my closest friends only to have them fall asleep on me. Also, any advice on how to keep them awake if they start to dose would be appreciated :smoke:
  2. play some loud music and do something exciting dont sit around and watch TV or drive around at night have everyone doing something
  3. Just go buy a dub of some mids dude. Don't wanna scare them off.
  4. Start them off strong lol theyll have no tolerance
  5. This is what multiplayer games are for :) Easy to do even when it's couchlock time, and it keeps everyone occupied so they don't drift off. I'd also suggest you take some time between hits, dank indica and first time smokers it could creep up on them hard. Have fun :)

  6. Yeah I know, I always buy from one of my best friends but he is on vacation for another two weeks, which is why I picked myself up quite a bit of the dank I was talking about. I think I'll just give them small amounts, I don't want them freaking out either :smoke: It's hard to calm a first time toker.
  7. Lol don't let em rip the waterfall bong they'll be blittarded on some dank indica
  8. Lotta people dont get high their first time so you probably dont have to worry about anything
  9. Get em to take a hit and wait 10 or so minutes to see how they feel.. I bet 1 waterfall hit will get em seeing crosseyed lol
  10. Yeah dont go hard, they wont come back
  11. Haha first off, congratulations! It's always exciting smoking out your friends for the first time! I've actually got couple of my friends to try it fairly recently and from my experience, most people don't usually get high the first time. I knew they were puffing correctly but they just didn't feel it. But fortunately, they're down to try it for the second time and I'm planning a huge sesh this saturday. So good luck but don't be too disappointed if they don't feel it the first time :smoke:
  12. I took four or five hits my first time smoking out of a waterfall. it was some pretty dank stuff. no matter what their going to crash so just take them to wal mart let them pick out what they want to eat then come back to where ever you smoked and just chill.
  13. I know someone who tried some Kush for his first time, or so he claimed it was Kush. Apparently it was way to strong as he claimed he was floating for the next 2 days, and he thought a hill was a volcanoe. I think he was partially full of shit, but he says he isn't going to ever smoke again because of it.

    My first time was some shwag, and It worked fine, and I still wanna smoke :p

  14. Thanks mate! Yeah, they may not get high but that's why I'm most likely having them use a bong. Bongs pretty much make you inhale properly :smoke:

    Good luck your sesh! :smoke:
  15. I didnt feel anything my first 2 times, i think its just because the kid who smoked me up ripped me off and had shitty bud haha. needless to say after that second time i switched dealers...

  16. You actually just described what we are going to do :smoke: I'm planning on going to Wallmart with them, letting them pick out whatever they want for snacks and drinks, then heading over to one of our houses to just kind of chill and play some video games and whatnot.
  17. my thoughts are too just roll a couple joints or a blunt...if my first smoking experience was my first one with a bong I think there is a good possibility I'd have never done it again I coughed for about 5 minutes straight and them was floored (the coughing was enought to almost make me never want to try a bong again but the high was so nice but in a different situation it wouldn't have been) but I see other peoples point for using one but yeah
    I just think sticking with something simple and planing something fun is better. Espically if they endf up feeling nothing first time which I didn't took me till try 3 but it's still a nice memorie.
  18. yeah, I wouldn't go for a bong. The feeling of not being able to breathe and coughing for 5 minutes is kinda intimidating. Joint, blunt, small pipe is what i'd do.
  19. That's the best man. If you have a pool swimming is the best!
  20. Make them edibles, and video tape it.

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