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    Post your stories about when you might have been 'a little too high'

    I was already blazed and a friend told me to take a hit of his bong with a killer bowl.
    I took it and walked around like a headless chicken choking and blabbering about how my vision was all red and shit for like 10 minutes. My friends found it hilarious lmao. :smoke:
  2. Cool story. Needs a better ending.
  3. One time me and 2 other friends all went round a mates house afterschool, must've been a Friday, and had like 1g each in joints to smoke. All three of them had only been high once or twice so we knew we gonna get baked af.
    We toke up around 1 to make sure his parents were asleep, we smoked so quickly because we were already super paranoid. Now these three keep coughing like fuck because these were fat fucking joints and we left the water inside. 10 minutes later we're done and walk inside, me and the two guys were enjoying ourselves and laughing our asses off at nothing, but the dudes house who we were round was tripping out, 5 mins later he throws up, but here's the thing, he was outside for atleast 5 mins knowing he was going to chunder, and he does it right in the middle of the fucking lawn! It wasn't even like watery it had chunks in it and shit.
    So we know we're busted the next morning because no way we're clearing that shit up, but yeh, he smoked too much in a short amount of time and greened out, he just lied there for the next 3 hours thinking about horrible shit he told us.

    Anyway next morning we get up he's a lot better, let's the do out and it licks all his sick off the lawn :) lucky us

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