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Getting to know your dealer.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hellomynamesbri, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey GC,
    Who here is tight with his or her dealer(s)? I just met the girlfriend of mine. She's pretty nice haha.
  2. Hah I don't even know my dealers real name so it's just a strictly business relationship
  3. I like knowing him there's kind of a trust backing it up, you know?
  4. me and my dealer play COD lol. pretty solid
  5. I'm good friends with my unmentionables dealer, but my weed dealer has too much custom to be friendly, he's the only dealer around for a good few miles, so everybody goes to him. When I go in, there's always other people coming in and going out too.
  6. Hahaha. He is my boyfriend.

    And the dealer before that, he was also my boyfriend.
    And the fella before him.
    That, or my boyfriend's friends, which over time become my friends.

    I don't trust strangers with my money or illegal activities. Not wise.
  7. [quote name='"Bakedmagiii"']Hahaha. He is my boyfriend.

    And the dealer before that, he was also my boyfriend.
    And the fella before him..[/quote]

    Someone who knows what she wants in a man lol.

    I know my dealer pretty well. He's a genuinely nice guy. But he doesn't like buy me a card on my birthday like some other people on here....but we are as close as I'd like
  8. Yeah I feel it I'm as close as id like to be with him. Know his name, where he lives, his girl, and just some other stuff. He's a really nice guy which is awesome, no homo
  9. my main dealer i know kinda well. smoked with him at a couple parties we've both been at. other than that though pretty strictly business which i don't mind. and my other guy is actually a good friend of mine but he only has stuff every now and then whenever he feels like dealing lol.i actually got my main guy through him a while back. might be going to chill with him later tonight to pickup and smoke and stuff :smoke:
  10. My dealer named me..
  11. Barely know the guy. He's a nice guy (other then being a bit off on the weight sometimes), but we wouldn't really talk if he wasn't my dealer.
  12. i'm homies with all my dealers. when i'm broke, $30/40 quarters of chronic ftw
  13. my dealer is also my best friend since middle school, i could buy from the guy he buys from, but i'd rather help out a good friend
  14. I was friends with my dealer before they started dealing... so pretty damn close.
  15. Well we are school buddies. He is pretty chill. So is the other one , and most of mine have been school buddies. Got hooked up through a work buddy. Its never a bad thing since they have a lot of bud when they are good, and they enjoy smoking their customers up. They can also usually roll really good blunts.
  16. We're pretty tight.
    I don't like doing business with someone I don't know and respect.
  17. I go to school with my dealer. He's in a band, and I'm pretty well acquainted with all of them. We don't hang out per say. But I'd say we're friends, and I trust him.
  18. I don't really know him well, he's just generous with bag size :)

    I'd like to befriend him though

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