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getting to blazed?

Discussion in 'General' started by DeluxeHerb, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. anyone ever smoke so much you wonder if there really is such as thing as "getting too blazed"?

    I began to wonder this and think about if weed does have harmful effects.
  2. yeah when i would get stoned like allll day everydayy at the end of the day i'd feel like shit tired as fuck, headache, etc.
    so i like to space them out
  3. when I smoke some dankity ass dank I think I'm gonna die due to heart failure lol
  4. As soon as Dabs enter your life, theres no such thing as NOT getting too blazed haha. Normal taster dabs (.03-.05 of a gram) are fine but its when you start taking .2, .3 dabs that it fucks up your day. Me and my buddies dared each other to each take some .2 dabs after smoking all day, and it destroyed us... Two of us passed out about 30 mins later and slept on the couches all night... The other one was having acid visual flashbacks for a while, then passed the fuck out haha.

    Dabs will change your outlook on getting too high... haha
  5. I've never been 'too blazed'

  6. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!!!! Dabs are the freakin shit. My friend describes it as weed on crack. Love love love the wax :]
  7. My first two wax dabs had me too blazed to be able to act right in front of people hahah.

    I haven't smoked in almost 3 months. When I'm able to smoke again my first time is going to be a FAT wax dab :)

    Then I'll experience being too blazed...hopefully :)
  8. Lol I know that shit made me laugh,
  9. I loved the meme lmao but yeah about getting to high Ive been uncomfortably high but I wouldnt say I was "to high" because the uncomfortable thing lasted like 5 minutes then I giggled and thought oh my god I am so so so so stoned and then I couldn't stop laughing and it was all up hill from there.
  10. too blazed:

    [ame=]Best video ever - YouTube[/ame]
  11. ^ Hahahahaaa damnnnn son I dont know if I could even get high enough to puke.... when I consider my self "too high" its when Im too stoned to think quickly enough to have a conversation, or im just so damn tired I fall asleep where Im sitting haha. I cant even imagine how high that kid was lol
  12. do you have anymore picture of obama smoking, lmao what was he doing that for.

  13. hee was a pothead in his younger days
  14. ^^^^^^ holy sheeet when he pumed that legit made me jump. Damn i feel likethats fake and gay
  15. Haha yessir, I got my avatar off google, theres a little gallery of pictures of him blazing and chillin its awesome.

    I can't believe hes so anti-marijuana at this point given his past. Such hypocrisy.

    Edit: haha 200th post, word.
  16. When I used to get to blazed I'd just get paranoid but now I just more higher lol, better than being fucking paranoid thinking everyone's out to get you haha
  17. Whenever I get off my rocker high I end up passing out, like ass out wherever I am.

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