getting to be that season!

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. well its srping here in new england. our winter absolutley sucked ass. its time to loose 2 wheels and become 2 wheeld again. heres a couple pics of my baby:

    mmm... she just SCREAMS "ride me!"
  2. Nice ride bro
  3. yeah!!! just took it out for a rip. damn my baby runs awsome....
  4. Ride out east and smoke a bowl with me haha
  5. ...dam nice fuckin bike much was she
  6. we live in the same state... haha

    she was costly
  7. I love the spring time , its perfect temps ( in mass anyway) and this it the time when outdoor smoking becomes fun agian becasue your not freezing
  8. ya its been fuckin great weather... suppose to be like this alllll week and even into mid 60's thur/friday
  9. Your out in western mass though;)

  11. personally i would have gone w/ a R1.
    but nonetheless, the R6 is mighty nice.
  12. I cant wait either... I just really started smoking at the end of last summer, so this will be my first green summer... And I'm already planning on so much.

    Nothing like good weather. Lets just see what friday brings ;)
  13. Damn, awesome. You could've bought liek equal weight in weed though haha
  14. im a smaller guy. r1 was a bit too big for me. the r6 was perfect.... i had it 145... i cant complain
  15. very nice bike, +rep happy ridin
  16. woohoo! rip #2.... today is even better... i raced this civic and completly dusted it from a 20 roll-on... haha runnin like a muthafuckin champion!

    im high... can you tell?

    edit: wait but i mean i seriously did dust a civic... haha... honda POS
  17. Hah. i hope you can dust more than just a shitty civic on that;)

    I could dust a civic on my bigwheel...

    Nice bike man. hope you have a nice summer on it.
  18. Wish I still had my r1, was completely stock but powdercoated black frame, black wheels, and all black plastics with no graphics. Was an awesome ride, but my dumbass friend(who owns a 600 ninja) thought he could he wheelie it good and ended up wrecking it.

    Now I have my eyes on a 1300cc Hayabusa that's for sale near by.
  19. busa's are nice bikes. i bet that r1 looked sick. i like coated frames. adds alot to the bike. that or chrome.

    when you look at busa's make sure its the 1300r with the turbo ;)

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