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  1. Hey guys,

    my first grow is going really well as far as I can tell. Strain is "Citrus Sap" and I started 6 reg seeds and ended up with 5 females (planned on 3 only).

    They are done with the 2nd week of flower and are now entering the third. I have only about 10 to 12 inches left to the light at the highest spot and I really can't do much more tugging under the SCROG net as it is very very crowded as you might be able to see. The lights are also as high as I can get them.

    My question, do you guys think they are done stretching? I read its mainly the first 2 weeks of flower, but this is also a very stretchy strain as far as I have researched a few days ago.

    Another idea was to try a 2nd net and tug them under again, but that would get them probably too close to the lights.

    So far I can not see any burn.

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  2. It's more of a "trellis" type net.......yeah, it's gonna be SUPER crowded in would keep tucking those top colas tuck until I couldn't anymore......and then let them go
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  3. Yea I think it was even called "trellis" , what is the difference?

    ok, it seemed like they slowed stretching the last 2 days, but I might be mistaken. I'll try my best tucking, but right in the middle where the 2 lights focus is, they are ofc the tallest and it's most crowded.

    Oh well, wonderful problem to have :)

    Edit: nice bass btw, look like good eaters.
  4. Just my 2 cents. My ladies got to about 8inches from 630watts cmh and turned out amazing. Probably not too huge of a deal. Keep tucking though.

    I kept super cropping until I couldn’t no more!
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  5. Thx guys, will do. Some of the branches look like an S from bending them back and forth :) definetly saved me like 2 or 3 inches on some of them!

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