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  1. Hey guys so back in October i was placed on probation for about 6 months.. I know it's been like less than one but i love weed and it's seems like every second is getting harder to go through.. Does anyone have any ways i can smoke and not get caught or suggestions/advice? ~Much love
  2. Yes. Convince yourself that you do not give a damn about probation. Smoke up.
    Or you can tell the entire probation department that when it's all over, you are moving to Colorado and smoke your brains out and all this probation bullshit is for nothing.
  3. Haha yea.. i kinda wanna avoid prison?
  4. Prison....for smoking a joint.......SMH@ the American justice system......
  5. Or jail..
  6. My advice. Im on month 4 of 6. The first month and a half for me was the hardest.

    After that I kinda just said fuck it. Gotta do what you gotta do. Find things you enjoy. I like music, I play the fuck out of my piano. I also work out and run.

    Iv been watching a fuck ton of netflix. A lot of YouTube. I mainly wanna smoke at night so I avoid beimg home alone at night. Idk man. It hasnt been easy, but that doesn't mean it has sucked. I still laugh, I still smile, I still keep on trucking.

    About half way through I realized that it wasnt the end of the world, and that this is temporary.

    Id much rater stay clean, stay out of jail, and get high as fuck in 6 months, than blow it and wind up being stuck in the legal system for years.

    If your drug tests aren't completely random (mine are on random tuesdays) than drink ocasionally. I drink 2 days out of the week and have passed all my tests.

    If they are completely random than stay 100% clean.

    My 2 cents.
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    Thanks man.. helped me realize that like you said, this is just temporary.
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    At first it seems like it is going by slow as fuck, but im already half way through and it seems like time is flying. Hang in there man. In the grand scheme of things (80 year life span) 6 months aint shit.

    Like I said though , I myself have been struggling so your not alone.


    My last post was 1500. Time to celebrate lol. If only I could do that with a bowl. Haha
  9. Dude I have like year, I feel ya homie

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  10. Got off probation the 20th of October after a year of being on it, I know your pain.

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  11. Well you can look at the poor bastards like myself, I've done seven months of a four year probation sentence because of a shit lawyer... You came in the game short, I'd kill for your time
    Fuck man, I can't imagine doing 4 years. I'm doing 6 months as well as shaggy, and it sucks. People will say I have a problem, because I think about how bad I want to smoke weed every day. I do have an addictive personality, so that's a part of it.
    I had a good public defender, so I got off easy. I would probably be doing at least 2 years had it not been for him.
  13. Ya not smoking is starting to make me depressed again.. I think its because my life isnt very "exciting".
  14. I'm probably gonna work out like mad until I get off papers, and I'm back to making serious music so buy time I get out I'll be Gucci
    Same here, Especially at night. I basically just sit around watching shit on netflix and youtube until I fall asleep and go to work the next day.
    Working out and running is a great way to pass time. I would be running after work, but unfortunately the high was 20 degrees today, and that shit is too cold for my lazy ass.
  16. I do alot of bodyweight workouts, its too cold for me too
  17. For sure. Im like an insomniac, so amything that helps me sleep is a drug in and of itself.

    6 weeks left after tomorrow. Fuck yeah.

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  18. I got a 12 month probation once. For weed. Had to do a u.a. Every month. It sucked. But I said I would stick threw it. And so I quit. I don't know, a few months into it, a friend offered me some blueberry strain. I never had that kind before, and never seen it since
    So I smoked it. And Brought an eight.
    Ended up having a dirty ua. Got six months added to probation.Was it worth it? Idk, but it was some good tasting weed

    Fuck probation. It is designed for you to fail and pay them more money

    It's only for a few more months. If you can pay off of fines, do all your community service hours, take all the classes and don't smoke, maybe you can get off after four months. Just give them their money and hours....that's all they care about. Weed smoking is just a excuse for them to demand more money from you.

    And I love how the lady from crime stoppers brags about crime stoppers being funded by probationers. Fucking cunt!
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    Hey guys, so im still on probation and today i pretty much dodged a bullet!! My friend had some weed and asked if i wanted to smoke some and i said yes and then later decided that i would say no (but knowing me, when it came down to it i probablly would of smoked) but THANKFULLY he dropped it in the snow and had no idea where he lost it! (It was stuffed in his piece, so it could of easily fell out) it stinks that i didnt get high, but when its time for my U.A test, i wont regret it! :) The law uses weed just to get you to give them more money.. DONT LET THEM WIN! ~Stay Clean my friends
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