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Getting these urges when i get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddders, May 11, 2010.

  1. i go to target and buy tons of frozen food (pizza rolls, pizzas, anything i can just put in the oven)... i save $$ on munchies that way.

    i also try to actually cook meals then I can just nuke leftovers..

  2. lol dude, same. i just like love having packages waiting for me... this happens to other people too ahahah
  3. Haha i know what you mean, man. About a month ago i bought this badass gas powerd colt 45 airsoft gun for 100 bucks. Ive never used it, (i forgot to buy ammo and propane) i just think it looks cool. :smoking:
  4. Yea man i feel you...

    But thats why before i blaze i take out all the money in my wallet that i don't want to spend that day.;)
  5. Omg, I thought I was the only one OP.
    This last semester I had some great home grown and some extra financial aid.
    Normally I set maybe $100-200 aside just to blow on whatever but this year made the mistake of blowing "whatever" while stoned.
    Now I'm stuck with about 20ish Doctor Who dvds (mostly the 4th Doctor/Tom Baker). Good thing I was planning on collecting them but damn...

    Needless to say my fiance has banned me from buying things while high, including food for the same reason. lol
  6. ha I almost bought some spoke beads for my bike awhile back, baked as I was
  7. ^^^ the above reminded me of getting possessed by a demon.. like having urges n shit

    [ame=""]YouTube- Winnie the Pooh Worships Satan[/ame]
  8. Oh look, another reason to legalize it. Makes people want to buy things, kickstarts the economy.
  9. ^ haha yes.... :D
  10. there's nothing unusual about this. MJ is known to amplify human instincts. Its effects on the, in particular, limbic system, make light on these effects. The best thing I suggest for you is to get organized. Make a folder or a few on your computer and make a collection of all the things you want to buy, visually. Preconceive them and weigh them out, according to your fashion goals. Think about this in terms of music, as well. It's absurd to go out and go on a huge shopping spree. You can't let your aesthetic desires ruin your pocket book, you at least gotta make some progress. This goes for a lot of things. I think if you can, with the help of computers and visual libraries, get organized in your life, and extend this to your goals and your personal spaces, you'll find yourself able to channel these instincts better. It's one of the joys and reasons, perhaps, of mary jane's medicine. But think it through.
  11. #31 derkaderka, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    I have made some of my best purchases the last couple of months due to shopping around high. Went to the local head shop a while back just hoping to browse around and look at bongs, instead I ended up coming home with the best bong and AC combo they had in the store for $850. I also recently went shopping for a drum kit. I originally had a budget of about $2500 but that got blown out of the window and my drum set ended up being around $4800 (Mapex Saturn 7-piece w/ entire Paiste Rude Cymbal Series w/ Axis Longboards Double Bass Pedals).

    Since I started smoking marijuana I have spent a ton of money on things most people would probably never consider spending money on. I simply buy what makes me happy because life is too short to go around penny-pinching and trying to be a cheap ass.
  12. Well it depends....are you buying everything cause you suddenly see all the uses it could have in your life? Cause that makes sense then, but I've been toking daily for so long that you kind of learn how to control your high so you don't spend shittons of money or eat every thing in the house
  13. i lack self control, but i dont spend myself broke.
  14. i wanna smoke with you ;)
  15. Mind over matter OP!
  16. do u ever forget u bought something and then have it be shipped to ur house? i wish i got random things from ups shipped to my shack
  17. I buy sunglasses and fly shit like that when I'm high. I become intensely fashionable. Pisses me off.

  18. this!

  19. lol..
  20. haha when i read the title i fully expected some "i just want to fuck all night when im stoned!!!" These urges are perfectly natural ;)

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