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  1. Hi Guys, need some advice, First time grower so a bit unsure really! Think my Hindu Kush Auto is getting close? but as it my first grow I've never been here before,,,it's in flower 6 weeks tomorrow, plenty of cloudy trichs and a few orangey pistils,,, but Ive to leave town in 20 days time for 4 days, do you think it will be ready to harvest and dried in 20 days time?? I'd hate to have come this far with it and ruin it for the sake of a few days or something happen and I'm not here to sort it!!! So basically will it be ready to chop and dry enough to jar before I go? I can bring the jars with me to air them if needs be.... What would you do? Thanks in advance guys

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  2. Your not going to hurt it it's super healthy from the pictures I'd wait tell it fattens up I just harvested one plant last night auto northern lights x big bud when it drys will be 7-9 ounces wait tell the leafs look really yellow and you Kno it's time with autos this is close plus tricromes milky and 30% give or take Amber

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  3. Thanks redrum, so if it's as good as done before I leave town an extra 4 days won't do any harm?
  4. and 7-9 ounces!!!!! wow that's some harvest!
  5. It takes weed about a week to dry before it can be jared. So in reality you would have to chop it almost a week before you leave to make sure its dry enough for jars.
  6. Ok thanks, so looking best to leave her the extra 4 days and stop worrying! just a bit protective over my babies

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