Getting The Most Out Of Poor Lighting. . . Not

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by The Gorn, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. With all guns blazing, this box is brighter than the flower room; full spectrum unit blended with the two blurple ones and makes for the best pics too. The prolific pair offered up a generous wave of clones that are barely missed in the copious tangle they've developed since they burst from the ground on 4/18.
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  2. Committed the two hopefuls to short hours and shifted everyone else into more favorable lighting.
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  3. A contrast against the sad sack cuttings and clones in the other cabinet; the ones on the shelves have a more hopeful cast.
    IMG_20180609_081538.jpg IMG_20180609_081644.jpg
  4. Man i found an auction on 6/19 with hundreds of led's
  5. Man, I smell a scam!
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  6. Although elevators may not go to the thirteenth floor, I do!
    IMG_20180614_193130.jpg IMG_20180614_193203.jpg IMG_20180614_193312.jpg
  7. Three of seven; still early and hopeful for more.
    IMG_20180617_092505.jpg IMG_20180617_092512.jpg IMG_20180617_092520.jpg

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