Getting The Most Out Of Poor Lighting. . . Not

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by The Gorn, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. With all guns blazing, this box is brighter than the flower room; full spectrum unit blended with the two blurple ones and makes for the best pics too. The prolific pair offered up a generous wave of clones that are barely missed in the copious tangle they've developed since they burst from the ground on 4/18.
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  2. Committed the two hopefuls to short hours and shifted everyone else into more favorable lighting.
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  3. A contrast against the sad sack cuttings and clones in the other cabinet; the ones on the shelves have a more hopeful cast.
    IMG_20180609_081538.jpg IMG_20180609_081644.jpg
  4. Man i found an auction on 6/19 with hundreds of led's
  5. Man, I smell a scam!
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  6. Although elevators may not go to the thirteenth floor, I do!
    IMG_20180614_193130.jpg IMG_20180614_193203.jpg IMG_20180614_193312.jpg
  7. Three of seven; still early and hopeful for more.
    IMG_20180617_092505.jpg IMG_20180617_092512.jpg IMG_20180617_092520.jpg
  8. Six of the seven chasing eight cuts which are lined up behind the five established sprouts; another dozen beans soaking to attempt a clandestine outdoor run while the greenhouse lies empty for the Summer.
    IMG_20180620_091504.jpg IMG_20180620_091550.jpg IMG_20180620_091559.jpg IMG_20180620_091531.jpg
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  9. Sorry I haven't been stopping in lately. Hospice for our pup in her last days.
    Passed yesterday afternoon in our arms and she's in doggy heaven now.
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  10. Passing is always an emotional hurdle; my mother in law moved on two weeks ago and still not sure how to process the loss.
  11. IMG_20180626_071531.jpg IMG_20180626_071537.jpg
    Decided that the hopeful clones would benefit more from the full spectrum unit and added horsepower in the main big box while the next batch on deck simmers under the slightly less intense array in the other; seedlings default to the 50w system on the shelves.
    IMG_20180626_065930.jpg IMG_20180626_065945.jpg IMG_20180626_065951.jpg IMG_20180626_065958.jpg IMG_20180626_070207.jpg IMG_20180626_070214.jpg
  12. That only lasted about two days; logic won out on this configuration.
    IMG_20180627_120442.jpg IMG_20180627_120448.jpg IMG_20180628_115418.jpg IMG_20180628_115436.jpg
  13. And two days later . . .
    IMG_20180630_103354.jpg IMG_20180630_103420.jpg IMG_20180630_103440.jpg IMG_20180630_103450.jpg
  14. Typical Skippy - the lawnmower box only lasted about an hour before claustrophobia kicked in and I couldn't function. Instead, relinquished two of the pale clones to the great unknown and returned everything to it's latest configuration. Then spent a couple of hours pointlessly rearranging the room.
  15. Looking good there! Bnw, sorry about your fur baby, Gorn, sorry to hear about your mil..

    Keep on keeping on!!

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