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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by The Gorn, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Center ring under the 90 for the big baby from the first wave while the three scrubs do the 300 watt wiggle.
    IMG_20180101_212141.jpg IMG_20180101_212151.jpg
  2. Ping!
    IMG_20180103_112348.jpg IMG_20180103_112340.jpg IMG_20180103_112434.jpg IMG_20180103_112439.jpg IMG_20180103_112444.jpg
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  3. The little red circle had a small sprout...a seed that I didn't germinate....but must have had just the right everything. First transplanted in these buckets last friday...and watered. Noticed yesterday...the 6 are a lemon haze offspring. (The momma got very frosty)
  4. @Dtexan
    Odds are good that it's a female plant. Every time I get one like that it's a self pollenated female seed. Usually in my case it's a Blue Berry as she tends to make a few seeds each cycle. 1 to 5 seeds is all I've ever gotten from a single plant.
  5. Recognizing the blurple updates don't offer a clear picture of current efforts, I'm in awe of the dominance of the leader of the pack on this wave. Easily three time the size of her sisters, although my favorite remains the anomalous upstart who also evidences early branching before any manipulations from me.
    IMG_20180106_075405.jpg IMG_20180106_075414.jpg IMG_20180106_075422.jpg IMG_20180106_075434.jpg IMG_20180106_075429.jpg
    Only one late arrival to this wave who trails nearly two weeks behind here.
  6. [​IMG]
    Stripped off the branches
    Skimpy fall run with a short 5 gallons of buds.
    I'll jar this for curing in a couple more days
    Hashmaster for 3 hours. Hammered down 6 half gallon jars of cured buds.
    This just never gets old.
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  7. Two newly arrived 50 watt UFOs will replace my mismatched units in veg and a cabinet on order will offer the opportunity to flower a few more with the reshuffle.
    IMG_20180108_094157.jpg IMG_20180108_094201.jpg IMG_20180108_094208.jpg IMG_20180108_094212.jpg IMG_20180108_094216.jpg
  8. [​IMG]

    Turned 4 jars of the kief into

    360 and change caps. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Ran off to the mountains for predicted rain and snow.
    I've got all the scraps decarbed so I'll do a mess of tincture and reduce to RSO when we get back off the hill.
  9. With the caps and tincture is it a pile of warm puppies or do you still differentiate between strains for the final product?
  10. Homogenized and blended for the most part at the plant level. I still keep the pure hash caps and the tincture reduction to RSO separate.
  11. With the erratic growth pattern from the get go, the singularity is more of a vanity project than comparative effort against the rest. The swap to the 50 watt units will wait until the new cabinet is built.
    IMG_20180109_091353.jpg IMG_20180109_091212.jpg IMG_20180109_091226.jpg IMG_20180109_091230.jpg IMG_20180109_091237.jpg
  12. New units in place and room reorganized and ready to accommodate the additional flower cabinet.
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  13. Starting it's second week, the latest entry offers confirmation that a solo cup phase has been slowing my efforts. Very likely that it will overtake the trailing ladies in the preceding wave.
    IMG_20180111_084741.jpg IMG_20180111_084715.jpg IMG_20180111_084721.jpg IMG_20180111_084747.jpg IMG_20180111_084737.jpg
  14. I start off with a 64oz cup, and about 2-3 weeks, move them. I only move once.
    I believe in LITFA (leave it alone to live- less human/nature disturbance).
  15. Time to get this show on the road; typical collapsing handful of dirt from moving too early but the babies really have never seemed to suffer from the rough handling.
    IMG_20180111_180527.jpg IMG_20180111_180457.jpg IMG_20180111_180505.jpg IMG_20180111_180538.jpg IMG_20180111_180517.jpg
  16. I will say that I do generally brace the weakest with ballast wire ( fluorescent lighting wire-small single strand wire) untill a few more weeks pass.

    I water with r.o. water because I have the system under the sink (r.o. water has worked for me with no amendments other than what nutes I give them.)
  17. New beans soaking will give this system a first run through; this batch will get the benefit of long hours in the new cabinet until they've fleshed out.
    IMG_20180112_094030.jpg IMG_20180112_094009.jpg IMG_20180112_094016.jpg IMG_20180112_094043.jpg IMG_20180112_094023.jpg

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