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Getting the fire dept. high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. As many of you know... I grow in a green house.. Well I kinda fucked up and had thwe heaters on to clse to some paper that I was using for insulation.. The whole damn thing went up in smoke... A friend called the fire dept.. They came out and of course the building was just about all burnt up.. They asked me what that smell was that they were smelling.. I told them I had a few tropical plants in there and that was making the smell.. LOL

    27 lively females have went up in smoke and all I got was a small buzz while it was burning...

    Now i have to get more seeds and start allm over again..

    Being a little to careless can fuck the fuck off
  2. that's unfortunate... but at least you didn't get caught ;)
  3. Damn BH, that sucks!! Sounds like it could've been a lot worse though. Hope you can get back up and running without too much trouble. Did you lose a lot of equipment?

    I think it would almost be worth the whole ordeal just to watch the fire dept get high! lol.
  4. I wasn't worried about getting caught... I always donate some to a couple of the firefighters after each harvest!!!!
    They told me last night that they hated to see it go up in flames!!!

    I will get everything cleaned up and rebuild in a couple weeks.. I was about 3 weeks from harvest on half of it.. The other half would have been ready for harvest in about 6 weeks..

  5. I lost all the lights, heaters, everything.. The green house was 12ft widex20ft long.. It had a 10ft high celiing in it..

    I had four large electric heaters, a misting systemm with all automated controls, and specialty lights that I had bought to use for tropical plant growing..

    I lost in total about 2500 dollars worth of equipment..
  6. Consider yourself a lucky man BH. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your crop, but it could have been much worse as you know.

    I hope you at least have a nice stash to tie you over until your next harvest.

    Boy oh boy, I wish I could have seen the look on those firefighters faces! :D

  7. Ugh, sorry to hear that. Guess this falls into the "live and learn" category. Nice to have the fire dept. on your side though!
  8. oh no! anyway you can get anything replaced through insurance or anything??? too bad man!! if i was there, id help ya rebuild, but instead ill just send ya some classic grasscity elbow grease karma ;)

    the next set of bud will be better anyways, just wait, youll see ;)

    merry christmas!
  9. That's a damn shame.

    Hope you had some good seeds stashed, or know someone who does.
  10. you might wanna be careful though cause i know how you said a couple of the firemen are cool but maybe another one might tip off the cops. my xgirlfriends stepdad was a firefighter and all of his bestfriends were cops so he would always be tipping them off about stuff.
  11. let this be a warning to all those that grow in thier houses ..
  12. Atleast no one got hurt..sides those 27 beautiful women. Tropical! You got lucky on that one, be careful m8

  13. I was just thinking someone should set up a weed insurance agency, lol.
  14. I have already picked up the stuff to rebuild with.. I am going to start this weekend if weather permits..

    I'm not to down about it.. I screwed up, so it is a lesson well learned.. I still have pleanty of smoke for a while.. Some of what I was growing was a new experiment and I do wish I could have tasted it..

    I also grow tomatos, a few tropical plants, and weed..

    It was a little funny though.. I watched the firefighters lift their masks several times trying to get a buzz..
  15. firefighter=drugtest here.
  16. Damn, Bud Head! You definitely don't have a horseshoe up your ass lately, do you? :p

    I'm sorry that happened. I'm just glad it was your greenhouse and not your home where your family was probably hanging out. Too bad the wife wasn't in the greenhouse! I did not type that. That was the evil RMJL that typed that! :D

    You've already got the stuff to rebuild so that's cool. Good luck with it!
  17. I had some thoughts of that nature too RMJL.. (about the wife)

    I lost some good bud in that fire.. Good thing I have enough to get me by though..

    I'm not as disappointed about the fire as I am thankfull that nothing else was destroyed in it...

    It's a good thing that everything else is going better too!!! Mom is feeling much better these days!!!!
  18. i think im gonna get a merry xmas tattoo on my ass...that way, at least one month out of the year it will be ok for me to run around with my pants off.

    and yes, burning greenhouses full of pot sucks much untattoooed christmass

    but not mine.

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