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    For those of you that have used it: did it make your room/smoke spot smell? I'm kind of planning to use this in a dorm room...

    Actually as long as it doesn't really smell like weed I'd guess I'm fine, but does it let off an odor? I know a friend of mine had a similar one and there was no odor from it until the big bulb looking thing got full of residue.

    In addition, if it does stink up a place, anyone ever used ozium to make the smell go away? I've heard ozium is exceptionally good stuff.

    Hell, might as well add another question in there: how long does it generally take to ship Grasscity stuff if you're in the states?

  2. that vape is a piece of shit. it will make your room smell like shit. not weed. and it wont get you high unless you go through like 10 bowls. kinda defeats the purpose of a vape.
  3. Suggest something else? I'm open to others...
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    Def. go with the Vapor Bro's. You used to be able to get them on eBay, but I'm not seeing any. Brand new their only like $150 or so, and their awesome. I've had one for a year and a half and still works like new.

    Little-no smell. I use in my room all the time (parents house) and they never smell anything. Keep a window open and your good to go.
  5. This price is pretty high, but this will show you what I mean.

    Make sure to get the hands free model. A lot nicer.
  6. The VaporBros has many design flaws, and for the same price I'd go for a higher quality device: The Da Buddha. You can find more accessories for it and it looks better as well. If you do some research, you'll be able to find a black da buddha shipped with a grinder and a hemp bag for around 145 dollars. You should also find a 10% coupon online for the site.
  7. Went with VaporWarez. If it's not good I have no quips with buying something else, but I've heard some pretty good reviews on it, so yeah. If it's not that good at least it wasn't my money anyways.

    Anyone have any experience with the VW?

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