Getting that funky special feelin.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 21, 2003.


ever get that special funky feelin'?

  1. yes. aint it somthing to behold. walking around with a smile the size of a bannana, tickly feelins

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  2. nope, i am a baron desert completely dry of special feelins. :p

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  3. dont you mean feeling? with a "g" on the end? donchya? :rolleyes:

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  4. I think Digit has got that funky feelin. :D

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  1. isnt it great when you get that feelin. when you know that its that feelin beyond just raw lust... its that special feelin.

    its been years since i felt this without an overwhelming accompanyment of fear of pain and rejection...

    theres sumthin special in the air. ;)

    u know who you are....
    ...and so does nearly everyone else too,.... probably.

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  2. hee hee hee :D *smiles big*
  3. yeah i know what you mean...

    but that pic you attached scares the shiat outta me
  4. lmao


  5. Damn made me laugh so hard that I had tears. :D
  6. yeah, he's good at that.
  7. i definitely got the ping ;)
  8. and you know how that feeling is always eventually accomanied by the feeling of it crashing down all around you?
    shame, anger, depression ect.?


    sorry to put a damper on this one...

    but whenever i get that feeling, the memory of the second one is always there with it.
  9. holydizigits!


  10. HAHAHAHAHA....oh my god, that was good :D
  11. ping. pingy ping ping ping.

    why ping though? who thought up that use for the ord "ping".

    haha.. nice one dingus.
  12. *digit turns into a green smilie head and rolls around the floor spraying love to everyone.*

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  13. eek. people might take that teh wrong way. i shouldnt have said "spraying" :rolleyes: oh well at least i wrote "to" insteada "on" or "over"!


  14. oh my goodness, you are simply adorable!
  15. I had a funky special feeling once, or so i thought. It turns out i just had to poo really bad tho.

  16. no toosicks... its DEFINATELY alot more than needin to poo badly. :p
  17. i;bet'a'few;of'us'would;love'to'get'our'eyes'apon.a/few'of'those'pm's!

  18. someone;to'talk/too/is.still'better.than/no./one....

  19. although it is a large distance, it is worth it :D to me at least

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