Getting Tatted High vs. Sober

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  1. Does being high make the pain not so bad? If anyone has gotten one tattoo high and another one sober, which was easier to get? I haven't gotten a tattoo yet so I want to know if it would be easier to sit through if I smoked before I went.
  2. I got a small tattoo high and it was way worse then my sober one that took double the time. Placement and other factors effect it too, I'm sure.
  3. i didnt know weed was a pain killer..
  4. me neither, lol, only reason i smoked before hand was to keep my mind off the next 8 hours of constant pain.

  5. I didn't say it was...? I read in an article that marijuana doesn't ease pain, but makes it more bearable and it was tested with a cream that caused a burning sensation so I was curious if it had a similar effect on a worse pain.
  6. it keeps your mind off the pain for a little while, also depends on the location of your tattoo.
  7. Probably won't make a huge difference either way. Being in the mindset of "this hurts so much I need to distance myself from it with a substance" will probably end up being way more painful than "I can ride the pain and make the needle my bitch" though.
  8. I'm interested in this, my uncle owns a tattoo shop and wants to tattoo a fucking massive one on my back for me, i told him about it and he said he would do it for $50 bucks an hour and it would take over 10 hours to complete.

    I got virgin flesh too.
  9. I got a small tattoo on my wrist while high, and a larger one on my shoulder sober. Neither really hurt, but the wrist tattoo was more interesting, the vibration of the gun was tripping me out. It definitely relaxed me more since it was my first tattoo. I say smoke a bowl before getting a tattoo and you'll be golden. Just don't make it obvious because some people won't touch you if you're high.
  10. I was high for both my tattoos ( around 12 hours ) and it wasnt bad at all. I think it jus depends how comfortable you are in that situation
  11. Ive had three sessions so far, first i did sober on my shoulder blade, wasn't too bad.
    Then i had the blade shaded in with a wide needle(more painful) when i was high, pain was incredibly bad when i focused on it, but just laid there playing on my phone and the pain seemed to fade when i focused less on it. Recently had my ribs done and just popped a few xannies, helped a fair bit.
  12. Do it whilst you're sober, you will appreciate your tattoo's more, I know that might sound stupid but let me explain. I've got three tattoo's and I got them all done in one go, I thought it was going to be the most painful experience of my life, it was far from it.

    It did hurt, but the pain was barely noticeable at some points and in some ways I do appreciate my tattoo's more as I had to go through that pain. I got one on my right forearm, one of my chest and one of my hand, so you'd think they would be quite painful but they aren't.

    Personally I thought being high would make you notice the pain more and it would hurt a lot more. I'm sure you're aware of this but any respectable tattoo artist is going to refuse to tattoo if you're high.
  13. While cannabis is not technically a 'pain killer' like heroin and morphine, cannabis can change the perception of the pain, i.e. making pain more tolerable. However studies found that this worked in a bell-shaped curve fashion, as in a certain amount of cannabis consumed decreased the perception of pain, while high amounts had no effect on the perception of pain and at times increased the perception of pain. So if you were to get high before getting tatted for the purpose of 'reducing pain', or at least the perception of pain, then only consume a limited amount; because if you get uber baked you might make it hurt more than it would sober, and since being high can make time feel like it's going be slower, it would be a double negative towards your tattooing experience.
  14. I prefer to be stoned for it but I say that for everything
  15. dont smoke, take some shots instead... you wanna numb the pain, not enhance sensation
  16. Had my first tat done while I was high, was so awful it almost put me off tattoos forever. However, there are so many variables with tattoos such as placement, artist, blood sugar, health etc. that you really have to try it to find out. What hurts for one person may not for another.
  17. Horrible. I got my hand tatted while I was stoned. It sucked so bad.

    Now getting tatted drunk... you wont feel a thing. But you'll bleed alot.

    ~One Love~
  18. I'd say don't do it. For me, weed makes good things better, and bad things worse, so getting tattooed high would be hell. You could be different, but I wouldn't risk it.
  19. bad advice, alcohol thins the blood and can have an affect on the ink sticking and like already said you will probably bleed more.
    I've gotten 2 tats and was sober for both of them, I enjoy the natural endorphins I get from getting inked cause I'm weird like that.
  20. I like to smoke before getting tattooed because it takes the edge off of being nervous. My second tattoo on my ribs took about 3 hours and I wouldn't do it again sober to save my life.

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