Getting surgery.

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by RenegadeBlazer?, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. So I'm getting hernia surgery today, was wondering if anyone one else has gotten it and how long after would I be able to smoke a bowl again ? Wish me luck. Have a good day blades
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  2. Finally I can call you a billy for asking a question :lmafoe:
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  3. Oh man.... you got me.... even though that wasn't much a billy question, don't think you know how that works. But who cares. Great answer man. You added a lot to this thread.
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  4. I only Called you a billy because whenever I see you comment on anyone else's post you call them a billy lol
  5. Well I don't call every single person I
    Comment on a billy... there just happens
    To be a lot of them, but I see your point man, this is about to fuckin suck. Fuckkkkk surgery.
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  6. You should be fine to smoke up though just ask one of doctors if your good to toke up worst they can say is no bruh
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  7. What did the doctor is say? Did you blaze up after the operation?
  8. good luck
  9. Yeah good luck. I'd smoke right away. But with a hernia surgery, I would take lots of tiny little baby hits so I didn't cough.
  10. Thanks ya'll. And the doctors never really said shit about me smoking weed even though I told them I smoke. Seemed to
    Me they didn't even really care all my antestegolest (spelling?) said was just try not have an "occasion" where I smoke before the surgery. So I didn't smoke the day off the surgery but I smoked the night before ..
    That was 2 days ago now and this morning i managed to smoke a little bowl and am currently lifted lol. Considering taking a pain pill. (For pain obviously). The key was like someone above said. Is
    To not cough. That's the real bicth of it when your smoking loud with Pussy lungs. Currently trying to to cough lol.

    Thanks for the support ya'll. Stay medicated , stay uplifted and stay
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  11. luck for you
  12. maybe vaping would be better for you... or even edibles once in a while.
  13. I had a bone graph this summer and cannabis made it so much better. Throw out the T3's or whatever pills they give you with nasty side effects. Get/make some edibles and have some strong indica handy and you're golden. If you're stuck on the couch, recovering may as well be on cloud 9 ;)

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